Jessica Simpson Schoolgirl Pic Dubbed "Creepiest Thing on the Internet"

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Jessica Simpson's latest Instagram post is receiving a lot of backlash, which is nothing new for her, but ... well, you gotta see the photo.

The one-time alleged singer/actress turned fashion entrepreneur and mother of two is no stranger to catching heat for her shared images.

This one is just different, though.

See the image in question below, along with some of the reactions it got on Instagram, and see which side you come out on ...

1. Jessica Simpson Schoolgirl Photo

Jessica Simpson Schoolgirl Photo
Jess channeled her "inner school girl" in a pic for her fall clothing collection and the Internet is sufficiently freaked out for a number of reasons.

2. Not For Adults

Not For Adults
A lot of people shared this view, though we would argue that any handle like @hansonfreak isn't appropriate for adults either. Just saying.

3. Maybe if You Were 2 LOL

Maybe if You Were 2 LOL
In her defense, some of Jessica Simpson's best quotes sound like a two-year-old could've said them.

4. No, No, No

No, No, No
We don't understand what the first part of this comment even means, but clearly they weren't a fan.

5. Or Your ... What?

Or Your ... What?
What kind of hooker does this person frequent?!

6. Get Creeped Out

Get Creeped Out
That might be a stretch, given how much of the Internet is currently devoted to Farrah Abraham-related content. But we admit, the photo is kind of a head-turner.

7. And Furthermore ...

And Furthermore ...
A lot of people weren't thrilled with the animal print aspect of this image either.

8. Faux Real?

Faux Real?
Those better be fake, otherwise PETA is gonna blow a gasket.

9. In Her Defense ...

In Her Defense ...
A lot of her followers did dig the look and told her as much.

10. A Bit of a Stretch, But ...

A Bit of a Stretch, But ...
Glad she got some positive feedback to balance out the hate.

11. Interesting Word Choice

Interesting Word Choice
First-ever use of "fierce" to describe someone in pigtails. 2017 is such a strange time to be alive.

12. Back to the Nick Days

Back to the Nick Days
Or the preschool days.

13. Truth

Gotta hand it to Courtenay Ann here. Love it or hate it, you don't need to drag the girl so hard people.

14. More Truth

More Truth
Jessica has about 3,999,500 more followers than most of her critics, so who is the joke on?

15. No Stranger to Controversial Photos

No Stranger to Controversial Photos
Seriously, given that Jessica posts images like this on a regular basis, the schoolgirl look seems downright boring.

16. Eye-Popping

Seriously ... wow.

17. A Real Throwback

A Real Throwback
People mentioned her "Nick days" as in when she was married to Nick Lachey. This is what those days looked like.

18. Oh, Baby

Oh, Baby
Jessica and husband Eric now have two children together. She gets plenty of flak for posting revealing shots like this one too, even in the context of joy and motherhood.

19. We'll Just Leave This Right Here

We'll Just Leave This Right Here
Why? Because we love you and we can.

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