Jenelle Evans: Who's Going to Get Permanent Custody of Her Kids?! [Updated]

By Emily Trainham at

7. Yay, Barbara!

Taking care of Jace was easy. Barbara, Jenelle's mother, has full custody of him anyway, so she was just told to keep him home instead of allowing visits with her troubled daughter and her obviously unstable husband.

8. Uh Oh

But when it came to Ensley, Jenelle's third child and her only child with Eason, and David's older daughter, Maryssa, things were a bit trickier.

9. Oh No

Jenelle and David were apparently instructed to turn over both girls to authorities, but instead, they took them to stay with David's mother. That placement was later approved, and as of Wednesday, all of the kids were gone from The Land.

10. Naturally

They did visit the kids at a visitation center that day, but David got into an argument with a social worker, which got them thrown out. Because of course that was a thing that happened.

11. Big Day in Court

And then, everyone went to court because Jenelle and David wanted to get custody back. That didn't happen. In fact, they continued doing everything they could to make their chances of getting them back worse.

12. So Disappointing

Instead, it was explained to Jenelle that David was under investigation, not her, so if she kicked David out or stayed somewhere away from him, she could get her kids back. Easy decision, right??

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