Jenelle Evans Loses Daughter: Ensley Placed with Barbara at Star's Request, David FREAKS Out [UPDATED DETAILS]

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More shocking developments in the increasingly sad saga of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans today.

The disgraced reality star has once again failed to convince a judge that she's capable of providing a safe environment for her children.

Jenelle and husband David Eason have appeared in court multiple times over the past week, and it hasn't gone how they'd like.

News outlets have confirmed that the couple's custody hearings are not working out in their favor ... to the surprise of no one.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Evans' 2-year-old daughter was placed with her controversial grandmother, Barbara Evans.

It's worth noting that, according to additional reports from E!, Jenelle was supportive of this idea, at least compared to the alternatives.

Other sources tell celebrity gossip website Radar Online that David's famous temper got the best of him at the worst possible time.

Here's everything we know about how it all went down:

1. Another Rough Day In Court

Another Rough Day In Court
Jenelle and David went before a judge on Friday for the second time since their children were removed from their home by CPS earlier this month, following an investigation sparked by his brutal execution of Jenelle's dog Nugget.

2. Fractured Family

Fractured Family
At that time, 4-year-old Kaiser was placed with his father, Nathan Griffith, while 2-year-old Ensley and 11-year-old Maryssa were placed with Maryssa's maternal grandmother.

3. An Odd Arrangement

An Odd Arrangement
Maryssa is David's daughter from a previous relationship. The arrangement in which Ensley was placed in a home where she has no biological relatives was confusing to many - including, it seems, the judge.

4. What's Best For the Kids

What's Best For the Kids
“It made sense to the judge why Maryssa was with [her mother] Whitney’s mom, but it did not make sense that Ensley was there too, as Ensley is not related to Maryssa’s grandma in any way, so the judge ordered Ensley be moved to a family member’s care," a source tells The Ashley.

5. Another Relocation

Another Relocation
According to The Ashley, Barbara was originally to serve as Ensley's caretaker when she was taken from Jenelle's home, but the toddler wound up at her other grandmother's instead.

6. Back With Babs

Back With Babs
Ensley is now at the home of Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, at Jenelle's request.

7. A Sensible Choice

A Sensible Choice
"The judge ordered Ensley to be placed with Barbara on Jenelle's request during Friday's hearing," says one insider.

8. Jenelle: Being Reasonable, For Once

Jenelle: Being Reasonable, For Once
"Jenelle felt, and the judge agreed, that having Ensley with Barbara and not with David's ex's mother, did not make sense for the girl since she isn't related to Whitney [Johnson]'s family," the source adds.

9. At Least She's Safe

At Least She's Safe
Maryssa, meanwhile, will remain with the mother of Whitney Johnson, who appeared at David and Jenelle's first custody hearing last week.

10. Up to Their Old Tricks

Up to Their Old Tricks
One would think that at this point, the Easons would be receiving the message that CPS is not messing around, and they will not regain custody of their kids until they make some major changes. But it doesn't appear that's the case ...

11. Losing His Cool

Losing His Cool
According to Radar Online, David was unable to contain his infamous temper during his day in court.

12. Classic David

Classic David
“David flipped out in court,” an insider tells the site.

13. Careless Whispers

Careless Whispers
“He was sitting in the courtroom and he pulled Jenelle over and was saying very mean things about everything that was going on,” the source claims.

14. Is He Ever NOT Mad?

Is He Ever NOT Mad?
“He was saying all this stuff. He was just so mad,”

15. Bad Time For a Tantrum

Bad Time For a Tantrum
David is the one who's under investigation by CPS, not Jenelle. And it was his violent execution of the family's pet dog that prompted the investigation in the first place.

16. What Set Him Off?

What Set Him Off?
In other words, throwing a tantrum in front of the judge is pretty much the worst thing he could have done. So what drove him to sabotage his own case?

17. A Tense Situation

A Tense Situation
According to Radar, Jenelle and David were granted a supervised visit with their kids at the courthouse -- and interacting with Maryssa appears to have set Eason off.

18. A Bad Visit

A Bad Visit
“It was supervised with the Sheriff and social services was in the room and Maryssa ran out hysterical crying into her grandmother’s arms,” a source tells the site.

19. We're Sure She Has Her Reasons

We're Sure She Has Her Reasons
The insider adds that David was heard shouting, “David was yelling: ‘What did you do to my child? Why won’t she talk to me?’”

20. The Appropriate Response

The Appropriate Response
“Maryssa looked petrified to see her dad,” the insider claims. “She was crying the whole time she was in the room with him.”

21. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
It's a sad situation, to be sure, but the source tells Radar that it's been mostly positive for Jenelle's son Kaiser, who loves living with his dad.

22. Bearing the Brunt

Bearing the Brunt
“Little Kaiser was bearing the brunt of them,” the source says of the 4-year-old's life with Jenelle and David. “Now he’s so happy with Nathan.”

23. Fearing For His Life

Fearing For His Life
Nathan, who called 911 following reports of David shooting Jenelle's dog on The Land, said he feared for his little boy's life. At least for now, those fears have been assuaged.

24. A Crying Shame, Indeed

A Crying Shame, Indeed
“It would be a crying shame if the kids go back to them,” the informant adds.

25. Something to Prove

Something to Prove
But even though the current situation seems to be working out for everyone involved, this is Jenelle and David we're talking about, and the tipster expects that David will continue fighting for custody, if only to prove a point.

26. This Freakin' Guy

This Freakin' Guy
"David thinks he’s above the law," the source claims, and that certainly seems to be the case, based on everything we've seen from him to date. The law, unfortunately for Jenelle and her kids, disagrees.

27. Menace to Society

Even after Nathan's 911 call, and a CPS investigation, AND losing his kids, this fool brought a gun to court. Court! After which person identified only as a "rep" for Jenelle and David issued a statement arguing that it's totally cool and normal for these two to bring weapons to a CPS hearing. “In the state of North Carolina, if you aren’t a felon you can have a gun with no permit. The gun has to be in ‘plain sight’ if you do not have a concealed carry permit. This is so when the cops pull you over or you’re out in public you cannot even have your shirt over the holster or you will be charged with a felony.” Wow, this makes us feel so much better.

28. Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned
So yeah, that's the kind of person we're dealing with. As always, this situation is extremely fluid and we'll have further information on the latest developments as more information becomes available.

29. UPDATE: Hearings Upon Hearings

UPDATE: Hearings Upon Hearings
TMZ is now reporting that Friday's hearing was actually the fourth time that Jenelle and David have been in court in the past two weeks. And little progress has been made with regard to their custody arrangement.

30. Going Nuclear

Going Nuclear
The site also reports that Nathan Griffith told the judge he believes that Kaiser has been mistreated by David and is therefore unsafe in the Eason home.

31. Rejected Compromise

Rejected Compromise
Nathan has offered to let Jenelle visit Kaiser, but only if David's not around. She's reportedly rejected that deal. She's also trying to convince the judge that Nathan is a threat to the boy's safety, but thus far, the court's not buying it.

32. More to Come

More to Come
TMZ claims that Jenelle and David will be back in court at 2 pm on Wednesday afternoon, so stay tuned for further updates.

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