Jenelle Evans: I'm Quitting Teen Mom 2, For Real This Time!

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How many times has Jenelle threatened to quit Teen Mom 2?

Too many to count, for sure.

Whenever things don't go her way, she throws a fit and tells everyone that she's done with the show, but season after season, she keeps filming.

But this time, things are a little different.

Here, let's get into the details ...

1. Straight to It

Straight to It
OK, let's be real, Jenelle isn't exactly having a good time right now.

2. Seriously

In fact, it might even be safe to say that her whole entire life is falling apart.

3. Let's Just Say It

Let's Just Say It
And we all know the root of all her problems.

4. Ugh

His name is David Eason.

5. So Gross

So Gross
After Jenelle and David started dating a few years ago, things have gone steadily downhill for her.

6. Thanks, David

He began trying to control her right away, and it didn't take him long to destroy every relationship she had.

7. Oh, Barbara ...

Oh, Barbara ...
Her mom, Barbara, said pretty early on that David was the worst guy she ever dated, and boy was she right. David hated her, too, and he encouraged Jenelle not to speak to her mother for such a long time.

8. Silver Lining?

Silver Lining?
Things have been getting better between Jenelle and Barbara, thank goodness, but the rest of her life is still in shambles.

9. Way to Go, Dave

Way to Go, Dave
As we've said, things were always bad, but after David got fired from Teen Mom 2 last year, things got bad in a different way.

10. What a Jerk

What a Jerk
You remember what happened -- he tweeted all this gross homophobic stuff on Twitter and MTV was like "NOPE, BYE," and the crew was instructed not to film him at all. They were even told to leave whenever he showed up.

11. Save the Crew!

Save the Crew!
And honestly, it's a good thing MTV has those rules, because David has gotten way more aggressive in recent months -- enough that the Secret Service paid him a visit in December because they thought he might be a threat to Trump.

12. So Creepy

So Creepy
He's also gotten super fond of showing off his guns. He's quick to tell anyone who will listen -- or who is misfortunate enough to come across him on social media -- that he's ready and willing and pretty pumped to shoot anyone who dares to step foot on his property.

13. Get It Together

Get It Together
He probably means it, too, since he's currently in trouble for allegedly threatening a real estate agent who had the nerve to pull over on the road by his driveway to look for property for sale.

14. Throw This in There, Too

Throw This in There, Too
And since we're talking about David being violent, we have to mention that 911 call.

15. So Sad

Back in October, Jenelle called 911 and told the operator that David had assaulted her. Police showed up, and she decided to go to the hospital on her own instead of in an ambulance.

16. Denial

The recording really is heartbreaking, but of course she's denied the whole thing.

17. Uh

No, what really happened, she said, is that she and David had friends over one night and they all got drunk. He left for a while with a buddy of his and wouldn't answer her calls, so when he finally came back, she ran for his car and tripped in a hole in the yard.

18. No Sense

No Sense
He fell with her because he was approaching her at the same time, and then she called 911 and told them that he'd hurt her because she was mad.

19. Oh Honey

Oh Honey
Yes, that's really the story she decided to go with.

20. More Than Fair

More Than Fair
So considering all of this, it's definitely understandable that MTV doesn't want to be anywhere near David.

21. The Real Question

The Real Question
But like ... what are they supposed to film?

22. Hard Times

Hard Times
They can't film on the swamp anymore, because that's where David is, and they can't film many family activities because again, David is there.

23. It's Not Great

It's Not Great
As we've seen this season, they've been trying to make things work by getting creative with their filming locations, but it's just not the same and her segments have gotten so boring and weird.

24. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
What's the solution then?

25. HEY, GIRL!

Briana DeJesus, that's the solution!

26. Road Trip!

Road Trip!
As a source tells Radar Online, "Jenelle is going to Florida to film with Briana. She is staying for three days to talk and catch up."

27. Bring It On

Bring It On
It turns out we won't have to wait to see the sure-to-be ridiculous footage, either, because it's set to air this season.

28. Well ...

Well ...
The source also said what everyone already knew, which is that "It's pretty much because Jenelle can't film with David so they need some type of storyline for her."

29. Tough Luck

Tough Luck
As Barbara explained in a recent episode, "It's hard for her to film her life when her husband is not included. Everything she does with her family, with her husband, can't be filmed. She said they don't understand how stressful that is."

30. That's Our Girl!

That's Our Girl!
In another recent scene, Jenelle herself explained just how stressful it was.

31. Sure Thing

"I want f-cking respect," she was seen telling a producer. "Even if I'm never on TV again, that's fine. I have other sh-t I'm working on. Once you push me away, I don't trust you again."

32. Jenelle, No

Jenelle, No
"I finally have someone that supports me," she complained, "and I can't bring them? You guys shut me out from everything."

33. Just No

Just No
"Don't talk to me," she told the crew. "Stay the f-ck away from me 'cause I'm done."

34. Too Much Drama

Too Much Drama
It's just so much, right? At this point, it's hard to understand why MTV even keeps Jenelle on the show.

35. Dang It, Dave

Dang It, Dave
Since David has been completely banned from the show, all the real drama happens on social media, so it's not like she's really providing that trashy reality show drama anymore.

36. Are We Excited?

Are We Excited?
Will it be fun to see her film with Briana? Kind of, maybe, but not enough to make up for what her segments have become.

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