Farrah Abraham Loses in Court AGAIN: Is She Going Bankrupt?!

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Farrah Abraham is having some serious financial problems right now.

Well, like, we don't know that for a fact or anything, but we also don't see any way she could be doing well at the moment.

It seems like every single time we hear about this girl, it's because she's losing money in some way.

And this week, she's taken another huge hit ...

1. What a Ride

What a Ride
So Farrah had a great deal of money, right? At one point, she definitely was well off.

2. The Good Old Days

The Good Old Days
After all, she was on Teen Mom OG for several years, and in those later years, she was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every season.

3. Who Could Forget?!

And then during the hiatus a few years back, she got into the adult industry in a big way by releasing a sex tape. She also made some sex toys, and she worked as a stripper some, too.

4. Putting That Personality to Good Use

Putting That Personality to Good Use
After that, she was easily the most famous Teen Mom -- even the people who never watched the show were keeping up with her because she's always been just so darn wacky.

5. Working Hard

Working Hard
And that's why she's always been able to get so much additional work. She's had stints on other reality shows like Marriage Boot Camp and Couples Therapy and Ex on the Beach and Big Brother, to name a few.

6. What a Career

What a Career
If she was smart, she could have used her terrible personality in her favor to set her and Sophia up for life.

7. Unfortunately ...

But remember, this is Farrah we're talking about here. So she was not smart.

8. Tough Break, Girl

Tough Break, Girl
Instead, she left Teen Mom OG so she could do her camgirl shows, and then she became erratic with those shows, so like ... why?

9. Just Stop

Just Stop
She also pulled Sophia out of school so she could homeschool her, but it looks like the School of Farrah is mostly just visiting various resorts around the world, and obviously that's not cheap.

10. Bad Choices

Bad Choices
A few years ago, she opened three businesses in Austin -- the frozen yogurt place, the furniture store, and the children's boutique.

11. Ouch

Everyone thought this was a terrible idea, and it looks like everyone was right, since all three of those stores have since shut down.

12. Getting Worse!

Getting Worse!
Not only did they close, but she's also currently dealing with some legal trouble from the closing of the furniture and clothing stores. Apparently our girl stopped paying rent and owes over $100,000, but she's refusing to pay.

13. Yikes

And we know, we know, this is a lot of information, and it's a lot to keep up with.

14. Poor Farrah

Poor Farrah
But how do you think Farrah feels?

15. Goodness

She's got no regular job, three failed businesses, she's being sued for issues with those failed businesses, she's also on probation for assaulting that hotel employee and she's got to pay fees and fines for that mess, she's the sole parent of a ten-year-old girl that she homeschools ...

16. Seriously!

What else could go wrong?!

17. Well ...

Well ...
If you're Farrah, lots!

18. What a Throwback

What a Throwback
Remember last year when she was supposed to do that celebrity boxing match with Hoopz from Flavor of Love?

19. So Much Work

So Much Work
It was supposed to be a thing for charity, and she spent months training for it. For a while, it seemed like the only thing she'd talk about.

20. Um ...

Um ...
But then it came time for the match, and wouldn't you know it, Farrah backed out at the last minute.

21. Really?

She claimed that Damon Feldman, the promoter for the match, had agreed to pay for 32 hotel rooms, six plane tickets, and 25 tickets to the fight, because all of that makes sense, right?

22. Confusing!

Are there even 32 people who like Farrah? There definitely aren't 32 people who like her enough and actually know her that would want to travel to watch her fight, right?

23. OK ...

OK ...
Still, that's what she said was supposed t.o happen, and when it didn't, she refused to fight

24. Fair

And Damon was quick to take her to court.

25. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
He sued her for backing out of her contract, and this week, the judgment was granted.

26. Ugh

And this should come as a surprise to no one, but Farrah lost. She wasn't even there.

27. More Money, More Problems

More Money, More Problems
She now owes Damon $12,000, as well as an extra $170 for his court costs.

28. You OK, Farrah?

You OK, Farrah?
And that might not sound like a lot of money for a celebrity, but considering everything else that's going on with her right now ... does she even have the money?

29. What's Happening?

What's Happening?
She owes over $100,000 for that rent and she owes some fines from her arrest, but she's giving Sophia stacks of cash from the tooth fairy and taking her on vacation after vacation.

30. So Weird

So Weird
Where is the money coming from, and why is it not going where it needs to go? Is Farrah seriously this bad at life that she's getting into this much stupid debt while still living like she's actually earning a regular paycheck?

31. Wow

We don't know what she's going to do about all of this or where the money could possibly come from, but ... no, that's it, really. We don't know how she's going to get out of this mess she's made for herself, and that's all there is to this.

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