Jenelle Evans: Her Complete, Completely Insane Soulmate History!

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Jenelle Evans has had a very, very eventful dating history.

And hey, that's fine. Well, fine-ish.

She's a woman in her mid-twenties, so it's normal for her to have had a good few boyfriends. No shade there whatsoever.

But what's not so normal is the way she dates these guys. Or the way she marries them. Or the way she gets impregnated by them.

Here, just check out this rundown of Jenelle's love life, you'll see what we mean ...

1. Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis
Andrew is the first guy we ever saw Jenelle with -- though we did only see him briefly. He is Jace's father, and he only showed his douchey face in her 16 & Pregnant episode. Well, he made an appearance on Teen Mom 2 as well, long enough to take a paternity test. But shortly after Jace was born, Andrew split.

2. Kieffer Delp

Kieffer Delp
KIEFFAH!!! Jenelle met Kieffer in 2010, back when she was abandoning little baby Jace to party. They had a beautiful time together, stealing Barbara's credit card for trips to New Jersey and smoking so, so much weed. Just so much.

3. Kieffer No More

Kieffer No More
Unfortunately, Jenelle broke up with Kieffer in 2011. But then she got back together with him a couple of days later! But then they broke up again. This cycle went on for a while until ...

4. Gary Head

Gary Head
Jenelle got with Gary Head in 2012. At first he seemed like a good guy -- he was a marine, he wasn't constantly high like Kieffer always seemed to be.

5. Back to Kieffer

Back to Kieffer
After four months with Gary, she dumped him for Kieffer. Hey, the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes it wants your old felon ex, OK?

6. And Back to Gary

And Back to Gary
After a couple of weeks back with Kieffer, Jenelle went back to Gary, and a couple of weeks after that, they were engaged. A month after that -- for real, you can't make this stuff up -- they were both arrested for assaulting each other. And they say romance is dead!

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