Jenelle Evans: Her Complete, Completely Insane Soulmate History!

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Jenelle Evans has had a very, very eventful dating history.

And hey, that's fine. Well, fine-ish.

She's a woman in her mid-twenties, so it's normal for her to have had a good few boyfriends. No shade there whatsoever.

But what's not so normal is the way she dates these guys. Or the way she marries them. Or the way she gets impregnated by them.

Here, just check out this rundown of Jenelle's love life, you'll see what we mean ...

1. Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis
Andrew is the first guy we ever saw Jenelle with -- though we did only see him briefly. He is Jace's father, and he only showed his douchey face in her 16 & Pregnant episode. Well, he made an appearance on Teen Mom 2 as well, long enough to take a paternity test. But shortly after Jace was born, Andrew split.

2. Kieffer Delp

Kieffer Delp
KIEFFAH!!! Jenelle met Kieffer in 2010, back when she was abandoning little baby Jace to party. They had a beautiful time together, stealing Barbara's credit card for trips to New Jersey and smoking so, so much weed. Just so much.

3. Kieffer No More

Kieffer No More
Unfortunately, Jenelle broke up with Kieffer in 2011. But then she got back together with him a couple of days later! But then they broke up again. This cycle went on for a while until ...

4. Gary Head

Gary Head
Jenelle got with Gary Head in 2012. At first he seemed like a good guy -- he was a marine, he wasn't constantly high like Kieffer always seemed to be.

5. Back to Kieffer

Back to Kieffer
After four months with Gary, she dumped him for Kieffer. Hey, the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes it wants your old felon ex, OK?

6. And Back to Gary

And Back to Gary
After a couple of weeks back with Kieffer, Jenelle went back to Gary, and a couple of weeks after that, they were engaged. A month after that -- for real, you can't make this stuff up -- they were both arrested for assaulting each other. And they say romance is dead!

7. Forever Kieffer

Forever Kieffer
A month after being arrested with Gary, she began dating Kieffer again. They actually managed to stay together for a few months this time -- this is when we saw them do heroin together on Teen Mom 2.

8. Courtland Rogers

Courtland Rogers
Just days after dumping Kieffer for the millionth time, our girl began seeing Courtland, a guy she'd known for a few years. Two months later, they were married.

9. Bad Romance

Bad Romance
In January of 2013, a month after marrying Courtland, Jenelle announced that she was pregnant. Days later, she left him after claiming that he assaulted her. She also miscarried that month.

10. Gary, Take Three

Gary, Take Three
Right around the same time of her miscarriage, she started hanging out with Gary again. This lasted for a few weeks, because we all know Jenelle isn't one for stability.

11. Messy, Messy

Messy, Messy
This one is a little tricky, but in March of 2013, Jenelle and Courtland patched things up, but in April, they were both arrested for heroin and also for assault. After she was bailed out, she began leaking pictures of alleged abuse at the hands of Courtland, and he allegedly hacked her social media accounts and posted nude photos of her. Their relationship never recovered.

12. Nathan Griffith

Nathan Griffith
A little over a month after all that, Jenelle began dating Nathan Griffith. Because what else is she going to do, be single for one minute?

13. Kaiser Conception

Kaiser Conception
Sometime early that fall, Jenelle became pregnant with Kaiser, the son she shares with Nathan. She was pregnant with Courtland's baby shortly before that though -- so little time had passed between the pregnancies that she wasn't sure if her first pregnancy test was positive because she was actually pregnant or if it was positive because of "leftovers from my abortion."

14. So Long, Courtland

So Long, Courtland
Oddly enough, Jenelle's divorce from Courtland wasn't finalized until June of 2014 -- less than a month before Kaiser was born. Awkward.

15. Engaged!

Nathan proposed to Jenelle in January 2015 -- so that's a year and a half of solid relationship time, if you can believe it. Well, solid for Jenelle.

16. Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise
Things pretty much went to hell after the proposal -- they broke up less than a month later. They did get back together after that, but in March, he was arrested on domestic violence charges. That wasn't enough to finish them off for good though, and a couple of months after that, Jenelle got domestic violence charges of her own. In August, they finally called it quits.

17. David Eason

David Eason
A month after breaking up with Nathan, Jenelle began dating David Eason. Girl can seriously not spend one single second alone.

18. Baby Making

Baby Making
In April of 2016, seven months after meeting David, Jenelle suffered a miscarriage. A few months later, she was pregnant again, and was able to carry this baby to term -- little baby Ensley!

19. Engaged! Again!

Engaged! Again!
In February of 2017, a couple of weeks after Ensley was born, Jenelle and David took off on a vacation together where he proposed. Because nothing says love like dropping your newborn off so you can go hang out with your boyfriend.

20. Happy Endings (?!?!?!)

Happy Endings (?!?!?!)
In September 2017, Jenelle and David got married in a small wedding on their North Carolina swampland. Will this marriage stick? Only time will tell!

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