Gary Shirley on Amber Portwood Pregnancy: This is Happening WAY Too Fast!

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Gary Shirley does not mince words.

When it comes to the personal life and decisions of Amber Portwood, his former fiancee, Gare-Bear is never going to bite his tongue.

They have a kid together, after all.

As the father of Amber's daughter Leah, and the one who had primary custody for much of her life, Gary certainly has reason to talk.

After the news that she's expecting a baby with Andrew Glennon, one could only imagine the thoughts running through Gary's head.

Well, imagine no longer.

Gary spoke to In Touch about her relationship, as well as her previous romance with Matt Baier, and tried to reserve judgment. Mostly ...

1. The Parents-to-Be

The Parents-to-Be
Portwood's baby news took a lot of people by surprise, as the two had just started dating. “I’m very excited for my future with Andrew and our little family we are starting together!” Amber said in announcing her surprise pregnancy this fall.

2. They Sure Are

They Sure Are
Amber's impending child will leave Farrah Abraham as the only one of the four OGs with only the original child from their 16 & Pregnant days ... how does Portwood's ex, and her daughter's father, feel about it?

3. Thumbs Up From Gary

Thumbs Up From Gary
“I think she is less controlled now,” he told In Touch, comparing her relationship with Andrew Glennon to her previous onewith Matt Baier.

4. Still, Pretty Fast Though

Still, Pretty Fast Though
“With Matt, I think she needed to take time to heal," he adds, noting just how strenuous her romance with Baier was, though he is careful to add that "it's her life, not mine.”

5. Hedging His Praise

Hedging His Praise
Gary has no problem with the guy, but ... "I don’t know him [well] enough,” Shirley said of Glennon, adding, “I’m not saying she should’ve waited on him. I think she should’ve dated." But ... getting pregnant?

6. The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out
Gary said earlier this year, “I think the last time they talked ... I don’t know what they’re doing ... but I think he was trying to relocate or something. I think she should’ve stayed single longer."

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