Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Photos: Where's Daenerys?!

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We've known for quite some time that the final two seasons of Game of Thrones would be truncated affairs, but still, we can't help feeling that the show's seventh season finale is upon us far too soon.

Fewer episodes has meant a faster pace, which - though fun in some cases - has resulted in some pretty glaring inconsistencies in others.

(Based on travel times, Westeros is now apparently the size of Providence, Rhode Island.)

Fortunately, the show is in a position to deliver its most explosive season finale to date, which should help placate fans who are feeling slighted.

Check out the first photos from "The Wolf and the Dragon" below, and watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to get caught up in time for Sunday night's installment.

1. Tyrion and Jon Look Concerned

Tyrion and Jon Look Concerned
Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow look worried. Maybe, like everyone else, they're wondering why the hell the Khaleesi isn't in any of this week's promotional photos.

2. Sansa Looks Pissed

Sansa Looks Pissed
Which has pretty much been her default state all season. Living with a sister who might want you dead can have that effect.

3. Littlefinger Looks Smug

Littlefinger Looks Smug
He's probably the reason Sansa looks so pissed. The man has many talents, and irritating the hell out of everyone is certainly one of them.

4. Bran Sees Things

Bran Sees Things
We're kind of surprised Team Stark has put Bran to better use this season. Seems like an all-knowing oracle would be a good thing to have around.

5. Cersei Is Pregnant

Cersei Is Pregnant
And yes, she'll continue to use that fact to her strategic advantage. She didn't get to a spot on the Iron Throne by being soft.

6. Theon is Somehow Still Alive

Theon is Somehow Still Alive
If you can call that living. Anyone else involuntarily shudder whenever this poor bastard's onscreen?

7. Jon Snow In King's Landing

Jon Snow In King's Landing
Well, that's weird. Usually, this far south, they don't see much ... Snow. We'll show ourselves out.

8. Jaime and Bronn Butt Heads

Jaime and Bronn Butt Heads
Bronn: "Where's me damn castle? I saved ye from a bloody dragon." Jaime: "Dude, my crazy sister is pregnant with my baby right now; I have my own problems."

9. Cersei and Jaime Hold Court

Cersei and Jaime Hold Court
We're in for a big meeting at King's Landing. We're sure upon learning of the threat to the north, Cersei will set aside her quest for revenge and focus on what's best for her subjects. LOL, j/k.

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