Forbes Most Powerful Women: Celebrities with Strength

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Which celebrities made the list of Forbes' Most Powerful Women? Find out now!

1. Hillary Clinton (#6)

Hillary Clinton (#6)
According to Forbes, Hillary Clinton is the sixth Most Powerful Woman in the world. Might she become #1 in 2016?

2. Michelle Obama (#8)

Michelle Obama (#8)
Michelle Obama is the eighth Most Powerful Woman on Earth. According to Forbes, at least, which rates the First Lady and her strong arms very high.

3. Oprah Winfrey (#14)

Oprah Winfrey (#14)
Oprah Winfrey may not have a regular talk show any longer... but that doesn't mean she isn't the 14th Most Powerful Woman in the galaxy.

4. Beyonce (#17)

Beyonce (#17)
Beyonce runs this world! Only 16 women on the planet are more powerful than this singer, according to Forbes.

5. Sofia Vergara (#32)

Sofia Vergara (#32)
Sofia Vergara holds a great deal of sway for an actress. This Colombian native stars on Modern Family.

6. Ellen DeGeneres (#46)

Ellen DeGeneres (#46)
Ellen DeGeneres has served as role model for the LGBT community for years. This has helped her become the 46th Most Powerful Woman in the World.

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