Fighter Jet Pilot Selfies

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THIS is how you take a selfie! Let two fighter jet pilots show you how it's done.

1. Pilot Selfie

Pilot Selfie
No offense to that selfie you snapped at that wedding or that baseball game. But THIS is the coolest selfie ever!

2. The View From Up Here

The View From Up Here
Whoa there! This fighter jet pilot has won the selfie game once and for all.

3. Fighter Jet Selfie Featuring Boeing

Fighter Jet Selfie Featuring Boeing
Dutch fighter jet pilot takes an epic selfie a with Boeing dreamliner.

4. The Ulitmate Selfie

The Ulitmate Selfie
Not a bad view, is it? This fighter jet pilot is here to put all other selfie attempts to shame.

6. Fighter Pilot Selfie

Fighter Pilot Selfie
A pilot from the Royal Danish Air Force gets in on the action as well.

6. Fighter Pilot Selfie

Fighter Pilot Selfie
Try to top this, Instagram users.

7. Mid-Flight Selfie

Mid-Flight Selfie
Pretty amazing, right? This selfie was snapped by a fighter jet pilot mid-flight.

8. Missile Launch

Missile Launch
Bet you've never taken a selfie quite like this one.

9. Best Selfie Ever?

Best Selfie Ever?
It's up there in any case.

10. Mach 3 Selfie

Mach 3 Selfie
These selfies from fighter pilots are taken in the most incredible of circumstances.

11. Refueling Selfie

Refueling Selfie
This selfie was taken during an air-to-air refueling sortie involving F-16 and F-22 Raptor aircraft.

12. Football Flyover Selfie

Football Flyover Selfie
That. Is. Awesome.

13. Flyover, Reloaded

Flyover, Reloaded
Another amazing look at a football stadium flyover from an angle you never saw coming.

14. Out of This World

Out of This World
Okay, not a fighter jet selfie this time. But an astronaut selfie ups the ante even higher.

15. Straight Up

Straight Up
Okay, that is an insane angle.

16. Don't Try This at Home

Don't Try This at Home
We're a little nervous just looking at the photo.

17. Cool Use of the Filter

Cool Use of the Filter
Hopefully he landed before posting this on Instagram.

18. Off the Grid

Off the Grid
But with a great view of it!

19. View From the Cockpit

View From the Cockpit
It's not bad. Cool lighting.

20. F-15 Takeoff

F-15 Takeoff
What it looks like as an F-15 takes off. Selfie style.

21. We're Not Worthy

We're Not Worthy
Seriously. How cool are these people?

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