Farrah Abraham: Accused of Animal Abuse AGAIN!

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Farrah Abraham is awful for a lot of reasons.

Like, if you could come up with a list of everything she's ever said and done along with a list of every single quality she has?

That would probably cover it.

But since we don't have the time or the stomach to do that, let's just focus on one aspect of her awfulness for today.

Today, we can talk about the way she treats animals -- it works, considering how she's receiving so much hate for this heartbreaking new video she shared of her dogs ...

1. So Much History

So Much History
Farrah has never been the best at being a pet owner.

2. Well ...

Well ...
And honestly, it's mostly just because she's real dumb about it.

3. Memories

We saw her get several dogs during her time on Teen Mom, and it just never went well.

4. Classic Farrah

Classic Farrah
Remember when she would put baby diapers on her dogs so they would just use those instead of peeing on the floor?

5. Um

Or when she would hold her dogs over a toilet and try to tell it to pee?

6. A Mystery

A Mystery
We don't know if Farrah had genuinely never heard of the concept of taking your dog outside to do its business or if she just didn't understand it, but the girl struggled, that's for sure.

7. Remarkable

Oh, and remember the time that she thought it would be cool to get Sophia a pony and just stick it in their backyard?

8. Wild

That's the level she's on.

9. Poor Pony

Poor Pony
The last we heard, Starburst was living in Farrah's father's backyard since she doesn't exactly seem to have a steady home anymore, but who knows what's really going on?

10. Oh, Blue ...

Oh, Blue ...
But the most disturbing thing in a long list of disturbing things has to be what happened to Farrah and Sophia's dog, Blue.

11. Looking Back

Looking Back
This happened a couple of years ago at this point -- a lot has happened with her since then, so you may not remember it.

12. Also True

Also True
But it was so horrible that it may be burned into your memory forever. Either way, let's refresh ourselves on what happened then, just so we have a good idea of what kind of pet owner Farrah is.

13. Poor Blue

Poor Blue
Farrah had had Blue for five years when he died -- she got him when he was a puppy, so he was not an old dog by any means.

14. But Why

But Why
In July of 2018, Farrah shared a video that featured her and Sophia crying over Blue's body at her vet's office, because apparently Blue had passed away after some sort of accident.

15. Huh?

She's never been great at talking or writing or communicating in any way, but as she explained it in the caption of that video, the dog died "after being put down around his dog door to go out to potty on his balcony and literally no noise! no signs! and Sophia sees him just stop moving and she try’s to figure out what is going on & yells for me I’m in disbelief and she hands me my half limp Blue."

16. Hmmm

But on one of her social media apps, Sophia wrote "I was getting blue to go outside and my only choice was to toss him outside and then I did but then he went into shock and 30 seconds later he past with no heart beat."

17. Oh No

Oh No
And that's how so many people came to believe that Sophia actually killed the dog -- that she threw him over the balcony.

18. A Conspiracy?

A Conspiracy?
Farrah has said that that's now what happened, that they just weren't clear in explaining everything -- she said that Blue had been dealing with "a collapsing trachea issue" that had been getting worse due to the stress of construction going on near their home, and that's what caused his death.

19. Suspicious

But that really conflicted with what had been said before -- she had said several times that they were confused by what had happened and they were trying to figure out why he'd collapsed, but if he had this issue, wouldn't that be obvious?

20. Curious

Anyway, Blue died under mysterious circumstances and to this day, lots of people believe that Sophia killed him.

21. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
That's why it's more than a little alarming to see another of Farrah's dogs in an unsafe situation.

22. Yikes

Over the weekend, Farrah shared this video of her two dogs, Boo and Cupcake, on the Instagram account she's made for them.

23. Here We Go

Here We Go
Right away, two things pop out -- one, the dogs are dyed blue and pink, and two, the pink dog has what looks like a ribbon tied around its mouth.

24. Of Course

Of Course
And pretty much everyone is furious about it.

25. Wow

One person wrote "Tying a dogs mouth shut is a felony offense, a serious crime, and actual, punishable abuse." We're not sure if that's true, but still, it's not a small thing, right?

26. There's an Idea

There's an Idea
"Someone should tie your mouth shut @farrahabraham to see how you like it," another person told her.

27. Hold for Applause

Hold for Applause
The general consensus is that she did this to try to stop the dog from barking -- you can see that in a masterful comment that read "You are a weak human being for not even being able to put up with the dogs barking. Those breeds of dogs are known for barking dummy. You are a disgusting human being why do you even find this sh-t funny? Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing fr gtfo and stop hurting your dog punk ass bitch. All this for fame just cause you were a teen mom? You ain't sh-t."

28. Ugh

And since Farrah claims that these dogs are both certified support animals, one person saw it fit to tell her "How can these be your emotional support animals yet you tie ones mout shut with a ribbon? How does it drink? Or pant to cool its self? This is animal abuse! You dont deserve to have pets. Disgraceful! And this is what you are teaching your daughter is good pet care?!?!?"

29. Yup

And one of her followers summed everything up pretty well with this: "Why the FUCK do you have these two poor dogs if you’re going to treat them like shit... they’re not fucking ACCESSORIES THEYRE LIVING THINGS."

30. Not Having It

Not Having It
Lots of people are tagging PETA and the ASPCA in Farrah's post, and there's even petition going around for the removal of the dogs from her care.

31. Sorry

Unfortunately, we don't see anything happening -- she hasn't learned from anything else she's ever done, so why would this be any different?

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