Donald Trump Can't Spell, Twitter Gives Him "Heel"

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Donald Trump has done it, folks.

Brought the country together and acted like a rational human who actually cares about the citizens of America? HA! No.

Instead, Trump has somehow his Covfefe disaster on Twitter by misspelling the word "heal." Twice.

How did this error come about? And how did Twitter react to the mistake? Scroll down to find out!

1. The First Try:

The First Try:
Trump wrote this Tweet after initially slamming the protestors who stood against neo-Nazis in Boston as "anti-police agitators." For the record, this is not how to spell the type of "heal" he meant.

2. The Second Try:

The Second Try:
Nope, same word. Same misspelling.

3. The Third Try:

The Third Try:
Look at that! It was the charm!

4. Remeber When He Said This?

Remeber When He Said This?
He really did.

5. Help from Merriam-Webster

Help from Merriam-Webster
The folks behind the dictionary offered some assistance to the President.

6. Sir... Sir... SIR!

Sir... Sir... SIR!
Just give me your phone, okay?

7. Heel, My Peons!

Heel, My Peons!
Stephen King had to chime in. So did a few other celebrities...

8. Heel the World?

Heel the World?
We guess?

9. Scariest Freudian Slip Ever

Scariest Freudian Slip Ever
Was it really a misspelling, some are wondering?

10. This is True

This is True
There's always a bright side.

11. We'll Drink to This!

We'll Drink to This!
We take our Covfefe black, just like the President we wish were still in office.

12. At What Point is a Typo No Longer a Typo?

At What Point is a Typo No Longer a Typo?
Deep thoughts, people.

13. More Deep Thoughts

More Deep Thoughts
Thank you, George Takei.

14. Sadly, He Probably Doesn't Get This Diss

Sadly, He Probably Doesn't Get This Diss
That's often the problem when you try to insult a dumb person.

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