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These are are all videos of cats and dogs riding around on Roombas. Hurry up and watch!

1. Puppy Rides Roomba

This four-week old Beagle is riding around on a Roomba. It really might not get any cuter than this.

2. Shark Cat Rides Roomba

A cat dressed like a shark rides around on a Roomba in this video. There's not much else to say about it.

3. Dog Rides Roomba

A dog rides a Roomba in this Vine video. It's short, but it's hilarious.

4. Animals Riding Roombas!

Animals love to ride Roomba. It's a fact. See what we mean here.

5. Cat Dresses Up, Rides Roomba

This cat is dressed like a princess and is riding on a Roomba that is underneath a magic carpet. You’re welcome, viewers!

6. Dog Rides Roomba for Christmas

It's a dog in a Roomba! It's a dog in a Roomba dressed up for Christmas! Watch this video now!

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