David Eason vs. Nathan Griffith: WILD Fight Shuts Down Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

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They say opposites attract, but the men who are drawn to Jenelle Evans all seem to share the Teen Mom 2 star's taste for explosive drama.

Latest cases in point: 

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, filming for the Teen Mom 2 Season 8A reunion special was shut down over the weekend.

This turn of events happened following a "major altercation" between Jenelle's most recent baby daddies, David Eason and Nathan Griffith.

Here's a complete recap of what happened when Kaiser and Ensley's respective fathers finally squared off - with the cameras rolling ...

1. A Promising Start

A Promising Start
Nathan was all smiles as he arrived in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, and mother, Doris Griffith. As fans of the show know, Doris has become something of a major player in the TM2 universe in recent weeks.

2. Jenelle & David: Disgruntled Employees

Jenelle & David: Disgruntled Employees
Of course, the stage was set for conflict before anyone arrived on set. Not only is Jenelle currently involved in custody battles with both Nathan and her mother, Barbara Evans, she's also fed up with MTV that she recently threatened to quit TM2.

3. The Night Before

The Night Before
The trouble started the night before everyone showed up on set at a party hosted by MTV. (Given how many TM cast members have struggled with addiction and mental illness over the years, you'd think these events would be dry affairs, but Sprite doesn't fuel ratings-magnet drama.)

4. David Eason: Enemy of Balloons

David Eason: Enemy of Balloons
Witnesses say David got intoxicated to the point that he was caught off by the party's bartender. He responded like any sane man would--by pulling a knife and using it to slash a bunch of balloons.

5. It Only Got Worse From There...

It Only Got Worse From There...
Fortunately, no one was hurt during Eason's violent tantrum. But Dangerous Dave was just getting warmed up...

6. It All Began With Babs

It All Began With Babs
Barbara Evans was the first to film a segment with the show's resident charlatan, Dr. Drew. Not surprisingly, she didn't have glowing things to say about Jenelle and David.

7. Babs on David

Babs on David
Barbara told Drew that she's deeply concerned about Eason's history of violent behavior. She stated that she believes Eason "controls" Jenelle and is the main reason that Evans has cut off contact with her mother.

8. Jenelle Has Her Say

Jenelle Has Her Say
Jenelle confirmed that she's no longer in contact with Barbara, who she says is "addicted to wine." She added that David is not a threat, and it's Griffith whom Babs should really be worried about.

9. Jenelle Goes Off On a Rant

Jenelle Goes Off On a Rant
From there, Jenelle went off on the producers who made her famous, singling out executive producer Morgan J. Freeman in particular.

10. Nathan For You

Nathan For You
The segment that followed was supposed to feature both Nathan and David. Instead, Nathan emerged from backstage on his own, reporting that David had become upset with something that was said in a prior segment, and opted bot to go on stage.

11. Nate on Dave

Nate on Dave
Nathan produced a drug testing kit, which he said he had hoped to offer to David on stage. He went on to accuse both Eason and Evans of abusing his son, Kaiser.

12. Nate and Ashley

Nate and Ashley
Jenelle was reportedly upset by how friendly Ashley seemed to be with her mother and son. Sources say Evans "started screaming at her, saying Ashley hasn't even f--king met her yet." It's Jenelle's version of "we haven't been properly introduced."

13. Barbara's Betrayal

Barbara's Betrayal
Just as everyone was preparing to leave set for the day, Jenelle saw something tht left her truly upset: “The fight started when Nathan’s girlfriend was walking past the room Barbara [Evans] was in. Barbara hugged Ashley goodbye and Jenelle saw it and came bursting out of the room ... She yelled at Barbara that it was wrong for her own mother to hug Nathan’s girlfriend." Hey, at least Jenelle and Babs are talking again!

14. The Carolina Hurricane Makes Landfall

The Carolina Hurricane Makes Landfall
Witnesses say that set Jenelle off, and she began "screaming" at everyone backstage. "Bodyguards and camera crew were all over the place and in between them," says one onlooker.

15. Backstage Brawl!

Backstage Brawl!
"Nathan jumped in and was defending Ashley, and that’s when Jenelle called David in,” the source added. “She yelled that Nathan was being out of control. That’s when one of the female producers stepped in between Jenelle and Ashley."

16. Jenelle Throws Down In Front of Kids

Jenelle Throws Down In Front of Kids
"Jenelle tried to fight her way into the room and was still screaming at Ashley," says one insider. Ms. Evans didn't seem bothered by the fact that there were multiple young children backstage.

17. Won't Someone Think of the Children!

Won't Someone Think of the Children!
"The kids were all running around during this huge fight, and someone in the cast grabbed Kaiser and took him away from the scene,” a source tells The Ashley. “Because the fight was in the hallway, some of the other cast members were basically trapped inside the rooms they were in. Some of the other parents were really concerned and barged out of the green rooms to find their kids and bring them somewhere safe.”

18. Jenelle: It's Not My Fault!

Jenelle: It's Not My Fault!
Naturally, Jenelle pinned the blame for the incident on Ashley. "Ashley didn't say anything to me the whole time," she ranted in an Instagram video. "I was like, 'Well, damn, you just hugged my mom.' I was a little upset about that."

19. Ashley Fires Back

Ashley Fires Back
Jenelle quotes Ashley as saying: "Jenelle, you're nothing but drama! Why are you jealous of me?" Evans claims that security "had to pin Ashley against the wall" to keep her from attacking.

20. Captain Obvious Sounds Off

Captain Obvious Sounds Off
"Several cast members–even some of the dads– made the statement that this was not a safe place for kids to be, with stuff like this happening,” the insider adds, in what might be the "no, duh" statement of the year.

21. Who Was High?

Who Was High?
Witnesses say Nathan accused Jenelle of being on drugs, and Evans responded by accusing Nathan's mother of being on drugs. Yes, she combined the classic "I'm rubber, you're glue" and "yo momma" defenses!

22. Ya High! Ya ALL HIGH!

Ya High! Ya ALL HIGH!
Given the information we already know about the Teen Mom 2 reunion melee, not to mention the track record of these three individuals, we would put nothing past them, and have no clue whose story to believe in all of this. But the best part of all is that we won't be left guessing for long, because ...

23. It Was All Caught on Camera!

It Was All Caught on Camera!
Fortunately, for fans of Teen Mom drama, the incident was reportedly caught on film. And you won't even have to shell out those ridiculous pay per view prices to see it!

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