David Eason SLAMMED for Disgusting, Disrespectul Statement on Jenelle Evans

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Wow, David Eason is really going out of his way to be super awful, huh?

You have to wonder how he even has this much time on his hands, really.

In addition to being such a terrifying human being that the actual Secret Service had to pay him a visit, he's exercising his nastiness by making comments about his own wife, Jenelle Evans.

And boy, are they nasty ...

1. Here We Go

Here We Go
So ... yeah, there's been a lot going on lately for these two, huh?

2. Hmmmm ...

Hmmmm ...
It's hard to pick an exact point when things started going downhill for them since that's been happening pretty much since the day they met, but let's think ...

3. Ah

You know, there's pretty much no denying that things took a significant turn after that 911 call from Jenelle made the rounds back in October.

4. Warning: Not Safe for Life

If you haven't heard the call yet, well, lucky you, but here it is: in this recording, we hear Jenelle sobbing hysterically and telling the 911 operator that her husband abused her and she thinks he may have broken a bone.

5. Just Heartbreaking

Just Heartbreaking
Everyone who listened to the recording agreed that she seemed genuinely terrified and just beside herself, and that she's just not a good enough actress to make all that up.

6. Huh

She never addressed the call itself, but she's insisted that David never laid a hand on her, and for a while, they went out of their way to act all lovey dovey with each other.

7. Cute (JK)

Cute (JK)
They went on a roadtrip across the country without the kids, which is just the picture of romance, right?

8. Red Flag, Literally

Red Flag, Literally
And it was on this trip when David decided to take his love of the Confederate flag to the next level -- he took pictures with it all over the country.

9. Totally Stable

Totally Stable
When they got home, he decided to set the yard on fire. No, really.

10. Yikes

And a couple of days after that, he posted a video in which he shoots an assault rifle. He tagged Donald Trump in the post. That was a bad move.

11. You Can't Do That, David

You Can't Do That, David
On Friday, the Secret Service paid him a visit to see if he was actually a threat. At first, David claimed that he told them to leave and not to come back without a warrant, but he's changed his story since then to say that he did invite them inside to do whatever they needed to do.

12. Gross

He said a whole, whole bunch of stuff about how many weapons he has and how he's not afraid to use them on anyone who steps foot on the swamp without his knowledge and approval.

13. Not Good

Not Good
He even basically threatened the Secret Service, saying "Anybody who comes on my property that is trespassing is liable to get f-cking killed. Let that be a warning to anyone who wants to look up my address and come to my mother-cking house. Anybody.โ€

14. Sure, Buddy

Sure, Buddy
Let's see, he also posted this, which definitely speaks for itself.

15. Coooool

And then he cut his dumb finger playing that dumb "game" where you try not to stab yourself while playing with a knife.

16. Busy, Busy!

Busy, Busy!
That all happened over the weekend, but you know what else happened?

17. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
He shared this photo of Jenelle Evans. And just by looking at the photo, you may be thinking "Well, what's the big deal about this?"

18. SMH

The big deal is the really appalling caption he wrote to go along with the photo.

19. Inappropriate

"'My ass is obnoxious' she says," he wrote. "I told her that's what the biscuits n gravy and hittin it from the back will do to ya! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love you babe!"

20. Nope

That was gross for a couple of reasons, one, of course, being that if your wife makes a comment about her ass, you don't explain why it's getting bigger, you just tell her that it looks great. That's just common sense.

21. Truth

Also, she does look great. Anyone's backside would look obnoxious in leggings that tight, but she does look good, right?

22. Bad Move

Bad Move
And finally, there's really no reason at all to talk about "hittin it from the back" on Instagram. That's just disrespectful.

23. Tell Him, Mackenzie!

Tell Him, Mackenzie!
As Mackenzie McKee wrote on Twitter, "If my very own husband ever talks about 'hitting it from the back' about my body on social media. So help me God...."

24. Drag Him!

Drag Him!
She was hardly the only person to criticize him for what he said ... the comments on the photo were full of people telling him why he should not have written that.

25. Ouch

"Someday a man will treat your daughters exactly how you treat your wife," one person told him.

26. Distasteful

"So tacky," another follower commented. "Show some respect for your family and chose your words kindly. You have become so distasteful and crude."

27. Sooooo Classy

Sooooo Classy
"So classy to talk about your wife that way. Cool If you do that but real men keep that to themselves and donโ€™t feel the need to share it with the world," yet another comment read.

28. Too Much

Too Much
This isn't the first time he's posted inappropriate photos and comments about Jenelle -- who could forget this sort of raunchy photo he shared of her in a bikini?

29. Way, WAY Too Much

Way, WAY Too Much
Then he posted this one right around the time when her 911 call came out.

30. So Scary

So Scary
A lot of people seem to think that this is a way of controlling her, that David shares this really intimate photos and comments about her to humiliate her and show ownership.

31. Ugh

Jenelle, if you're reading this, run. Please. Run far, run fast, and don't look back.

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