Dad Draws on Son's Lunch Bags: Amazing Pics!

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Wow. We sort of wish we had this guy for our father throughout elementary school.

1. Peter Parker Meets Spider-Man

Peter Parker Meets Spider-Man
A dad has taken to making impressive drawings each day on his kid's lunch bag. Take this example of Peter Parking meeting Spider-Man.

2. Crab Apple

Crab Apple
Check out the cool drawing this father did for his son on one of the latter's lunch bags. It's become a family tradition.

3. It's Ironman!

It's Ironman!
How can you make your kid the coolest person at his lunch table? Decorate his bag thusly.

4. Rock On, Son!

Rock On, Son!
A father likes to draw on his son's lunch bags for schoo everyday. Pretty cool, huh?

5. Lunch Bag Art

Lunch Bag Art
A father makes his child's classmates jealous everyday by drawing awesome stuff such as this on his first grader's lunch bag.

6. BURP!

Luckiest son ever? A first grader goes to school each day with a drawing such as this on his lunch bag, courtesy of Dad.

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