Cops Troll Teen Seeking a Fake ID On Twitter

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Note to teenagers around the world:

Do not request a fake ID over Twitter.

Actually, please do. For our sake. Because the following story is hilarious.

For your sake, however? This request is unlikely to result in your desired doctored documents, just in a great deal of laughs from the Internet. To wit...

1. A Simple, Silly Request

A Simple, Silly Request
It started when Adam Earis, a 19-year-old from Canada - who goes by the handle 18K on Twitter - posed this question on the social media platform.

2. The Perfect Response

The Perfect Response
A day after Adam posted the message, James Ham, coordinator at the Winnipeg Police Department, saw the Tweet and told his colleagues. From there, we “collaborated as a team in response,” Constable Jason Michalyshen told The Huffington Post.

3. OKAY!

Earis did at least take the response in stride.

4. While Everyone is Here...

While Everyone is Here...
HA! Earis even advantage of the attention this exchange garnered by promoting his mixtape. More power to him!

5. Game Recognizes Game

Game Recognizes Game
"If you listen to [his mixtape] he’s actually not bad!" Michalyshen said. "There’s a little more profanity in his lyrics than I can endorse but he’s smooth." We love this story.

6. A Twist!

A Twist!
Sort of. See, Earis is of legal drinking age in Canada. But he's going to school in the U.S., where the drinking age is 21. "I’m going to Texas for school and I’ve become quite acquainted with the taste of beer," Earis told The Huffington Post. "I am Canadian after all, right?" Have we mentioned how much we love this story?

7. Here You Go, Adam!

Here You Go, Adam!
Just print this out. It will definitely work.

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