Chrissy Teigen Oscar Tweets

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The always quotable Chrissy Teigen had some memorable Tweets to post during the Oscars. Scroll through them now.

1. Body S--tting Down

Body S--tting Down
Classic typo. Classic Chrissy Teigen.

2. Not S--tting

Not S--tting
Sure Chrissy. Sure.

3. Seriously. She's Not.

Seriously. She's Not.
Please stop!

4. Bradley Pooper

Bradley Pooper
Okay, time to just roll with it.

5. Leo DiCraprio

Leo DiCraprio
Another good one.

6. Brad ...

Brad ...
Too easy.

7. Amy Shattams

Amy Shattams
Past tense non-word. Well played on that one!

8. Boweltro?

Gotta give Chrissy's fans credit for getting in on this ... but no.

9. Shartum?

Really? That doesn't sound even a little but like Tatum.

10. Poopita

There it is.

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