Chrissy Teigen Falls Asleep at the Oscars, Twitter Sympathizes with Star

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Chrissy Teigen did not make it through the entire Oscars telecast on Sunday night.

Which makes her very similar to millions of other viewers, considering the Academy Awards clocked in this year at nearly four hours.

But there was one major difference: Chrissy Teigen was actually AT the Academy Awards! She fell asleep while in attendance!

Thankfully, cameras captured Teigen catching some ZZZZs, prompting the Internet to have a bit of fun at the model's expense. To wit...

1. Freaking Awesome

Freaking Awesome
As if we could love Chrissy any more.

2. It Wasn't Just Chrissy

It Wasn't Just Chrissy
Meryl doesn't look too excited here, either.

3. We Saw It, Alright!

We Saw It, Alright!
We're guessing she was just conserving energy for that WILD ending.

4. Wait... Was This a Protest?!?

Wait... Was This a Protest?!?
Many women were displeased with Affleck's win due to past allegations of sexual misconduct.

5. If You Were Married to John Legend...

If You Were Married to John Legend...
... wouldn't you want to sleep with him as often as possible?

6. LMAO!

And may we add: LOL and Teigen FTW!

7. She Had a Busy Monday Planned

She Had a Busy Monday Planned
And a comfortable shoulder to lean on.

8. The Past Was Prologue

The Past Was Prologue
It's not as if this is someone who had a blast at past awards show. Why not catch up on some sleep instead of make confused faces?

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