Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With THIRD Child?!

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Back in October of 2016, Chelsea Houska married Cole DeDoer, and the wedding was regarded by many fans as a well-deserved happy ending for one of Teen Mom 2's most beloved cast members.

In the year since, Chelsea and Cole have continued to define #RelationshipGoals with one of the most stable and loving relationships in all of reality television.

In January, Chelsea welcomed her second child, a boy named Watson.

And now, it looks as the couple might be adding to their happy family yet again....

1. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
Chelsea and Cole married last year, and he quickly became the Teen Mom franchise's most beloved husband. Just a few months later, he became fans' favorite baby daddy.

2. Elementary, Watson

Elementary, Watson
In January, Chelsea and Cole welcomed their first child together, Watson DeBoer. Chelsea already had a daughter, Aubree, from her relationship with Adam Lind.

3. An Expanding Family

An Expanding Family
Chelsea and Cole have stated that they would like to have more children in the near future. And now, many fans believe that time has come.

4. Let the Speculation Begin!

Let the Speculation Begin!
The rumor that Chelsea is pregnant with her third child began, as these things so often do, with a cryptic tweet.

5. What Ails Her?

What Ails Her?
Chelsea tweeted that she was not feeling well, and that her body recovered more easily when she was "a little younger."

6. Hungover Houska?

Hungover Houska?
At first, fans assumed she was merely hungover. Eventually, however, the speculation took on a different form.

7. Confirmation Through Silence?

Confirmation Through Silence?
There was a brief period in which Chelsea kept mum on the issue. During this time, fans jumped to the conclusion that Houska was confirming the reports by choosing not to issue a denial.

8. Chelsea Claps Back

Chelsea Claps Back
Eventually, however, Chelsea spoke out on the matter. And it seems she's not happy with some of the assumptions fans have made about her.

9. Adulting

"One way to tell I'm officially adulting is that when I was a little younger and said I don't feel good people would say 'are you hungover?' And now when I say I don't feel good people say 'are you pregnant?'" Chelsea tweeted recently.

10. How 'Bout Dat?

How 'Bout Dat?
"...HOW BOUT MAYBE I JUST DONT FEEL GOOD." The choice to go with all caps means Chelsea ain't playing.

11. Still Though...

Still Though...
Fans REALLY want Chelsea to be pregnant, and many have pointed out that she still hasn't issued a clear denial that she's expecting.

12. Why So Cryptic?

Why So Cryptic?
In all likelihood, Chelsea is not pregnant. So why hasn't she set the record straight? Well, we can think of at least one reason....

13. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
Chelsea has a lot on her plate these days. She may simply be too busy to respond to every fan rumor that circulates on social media.

14. Adam Issues

Adam Issues
One major issue that's likely causing Chelsea a lot of stress these days is her co-parenting relationship with Adam Lind, the father of her first child.

15. Lind-sanity

Lind recently tested positive for methamphetamines just prior to a scheduled meeting with his youngest daughter. He's now facing the prospect of losing visitation rights.

16. Trouble in the Houska House

Trouble in the Houska House
Obviously, this puts Chelsea in a difficult position. She wants to ensure her daughter's safety, but she also wants Aubree to have a relationship with her father.

17. Taking Precautions

Taking Precautions
Chelsea has assured fans that she's taken steps to ensure that her daughter will be protected, such as requesting a court order that Lind not be allowed to drive with Aubree in the car.

18. Chelsea Takes Charge

Chelsea Takes Charge
"I am glad I took precautions and he isn't allowed to drive with her," Houska said in a recent interview. But some fans feel that's not going far enough....

19. All Is Well in the Houska Home

All Is Well in the Houska Home
Despite constant fan scrutiny and criticism, Chelsea seems to be handling the stresses of life in the spotlight incredibly well. And while some viewers might wish she'd deprive Lind of all parenting rights, there's no denying that the woman is a loving and thoroughly devoted mom,

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