Catelynn Lowell-Tyler Baltierra Divorce: Is It Really Happening?!

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Last week, Teen Mom OG fans were stunned by news that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were divorcing after three years of marriage and nearly 13 years as a couple.

More shocking than the rumor itself, however, was the fact that it seemed to be rooted in reality.

Catelynn changed her name from Baltierra back to Lowell on Instagram, and fans were able to confirm that the couple spent Mother's Day weekend in separate states.

All of this came on the heels of a difficult year for the Baltierras that saw Catelynn suffering a miscarriage and both parties battling mental illness.

Did it all get to be too much for one of the Teen Mom franchise's most beloved couples?

Here's what we know so far:


1. Happier Times

Happier Times
Just a few weeks ago, Catelynn and Tyler were happily posing for photos together and commenting on one another's social media posts. But some fans are convinced their relationship has deteriorated very rapidly...

2. Signs of Trouble

Signs of Trouble
The most recent signs that Tyler and Catelynn might be in the midst of a rough patch came over the weekend. Fans picked up on two red flags that may indicate trouble in paradise.

3. A Subtle Message?

A Subtle Message?
Catelynn recently changed her display name on Instagram to "Catelynn Lowell." At one point, she also unfollowed Tyler on the site.

4. Trying Times

Trying Times
Reports of the dissolution of Catelynn and Tyler's marriage come at the end of a year that would have put even the strongest of relationships to the test.

5. A Tragic Setback

A Tragic Setback
Catelynn suffered a miscarriage just as she and Tyler's excitement about welcoming a new child had reached a fever pitch. The loss took a tremendous emotional toll on both Baltierras.

6. Catelynn's Struggles

Catelynn's Struggles
In the months that followed, Catelynn checked into rehab twice to be treated for PTSD and other emotional issues. Tyler stood by her side, but Catelynn's extended absences had an obvious impact on their marriage.

7. The Single Life

The Single Life
Though he made sure that his wife always felt she had his full support, Tyler occasionally complained about feeling that he was raising their daughter on his own.

8. The Strain

The Strain
The stress on the Baltierras' marriage was particularly apparent in the Teen Mom OG season finale. It was then that some viewers say they began to realize Tyler and Catelynn staying together forever was not a foregone conclusion.

9. Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour
At the time, Catelynn had recently completed six weeks at an in-patient treatment center in Arizona. She checked in to rehab on that occasion after revealing that she was battling suicidal thoughts.

10. Her Lowest Point

Her Lowest Point
In one memorable scene, Catelynn told Tyler that she feels she may need to return to Arizona for more treatment, and he implored her to seek help closer to home for the sake of their daughter.

11. A Crushing Comment

A Crushing Comment
Catelynn replied in a way that stunned many viewers. "She'll manage," Lowell said of her daughter.

12. Tyler's Doubts

Tyler's Doubts
For one of the first times in the couple's decade on television, Tyler betrayed a lack of trust in Cate at that moment. And he even admitted that the possibility of ending their marriage had crossed his mind.

13. Confiding in Amber

Confiding in Amber
Later in the episode, Tyler confided to his sister, Amber Baltierra, that he had been questioning whether he and Catelynn were right for one another.

14. Cate's Concerns

Cate's Concerns
As many viewers noted, it was the second time in the episode that either Tyler or Catelynn had referenced getting divorced.

15. Plagued By Doubt

Plagued By Doubt
Earlier in the episode, Catelynn stated that she had doubts about her ability to be a suitable wife to Tyler or mother to Nova. She even went so far as to encourage Tyler to divorce her.

16. Revealing Insights?

Revealing Insights?
In recent weeks, Tyler has been posting snippets of poetry on social media. Some fans notced that the lines of verse contain indications that Baltierra is not terribly happy in his marriage.

17. Sign of Self-Loathing?

Sign of Self-Loathing?
In one poem Tyler referred to himself as "that pathetic f-ck up who got famous just for f-ckin his girlfriend & gettin her knocked up."

18. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra
"That motherf-cker's gotta get a job even though I doubt that he could, & he's gotta leave that broad if he ever wants to be heard," Tyler wrote of himself in another poem. He clarified that the lines were inspired by negative comments he'd read on the internet, but still, many fans took them as a sign that he's deeply unhappy.

19. Pressing On

Pressing On
In a recent statement posted on social media, Catelynn offered an encouraging update. She admitted that she and Tyler had gone through "some ups and downs," but insisted that they are not getting divorced. "We are a solid couple that will work through anything life throws at us," she concluded.

20. Divorce Looks Good on Them!

Divorce Looks Good on Them!
Divorce? What divorce? If they're getting one, "it looks pretty good on us," Tyler wrote to Catelynn on Instagram just hours after the rumors surfaced. Suffice it to say they're going strong after all, or at least determined to get back to that place.

21. ... But We Are Getting a Divorce

... But We Are Getting a Divorce
Catelynn wrote that alongside this photo on Instagram. She was being sarcastic, though, including some laugh-cry emojis and the #nothingcanstopus hashtag, so ... basically they are not getting a divorce is his point is the takeaway.

22. Her Sexy Ass Husband

Her Sexy Ass Husband
Catelynn Lowell with Tyler Baltierra on Instagram. She captioned this photo "my sexy ass husband." So yeah, it looks like the talk of their marital demise was premature after all.

23. Baltierra Strong!

Baltierra Strong!
Expect to see Tyler Baltierra with Catelynn Lowell for the foreseeable future, despite the challenges life throws their way. With dueling photos on their respective Instagram pages, they've said all there is to say.

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