Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon Is Stealing Money From Me!

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It's been six weeks since Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges after she allegedly attacked Andrew Glennon while he was holding her 1-year-old son.

It's hard to believe the situation could get uglier from there, but -- this is Amber we're talking about.

The fight between the exes rages on, as they battle not only for custody of baby James, but over the money they earned during their time as a couple.

Yes, in retrospect, we should have seen this one coming:

Amber and Andrew are accusing one another of theft after tens of thousands of dollars have reportedly gone missing from their joint account.

This should end well:

1. Back At It

Back At It
The best thing these two could do is keep their distance from one another -- but it doesn't look like that'll be happening anytime soon.

2. On a Short Leash

On a Short Leash
Amber has been ordered by a judge to stay away from Andrew, and she's only allowed to see James during supervised visits.

3. Stirring the Pot

Stirring the Pot
But just because these two are forced to keep their distance, that doesn't mean they've stopped complicating one another's lives.

4. The Latest

The Latest
According to a new report from Us Weekly, Amber and Andrew are currently battling over finances.

5. Long-Simmering Issue

Long-Simmering Issue
A source tells the tabloid that money has been an issue for the former couple ever since Andrew allegedly betrayed Amber's trust and spent her money on “on inauthentic items at an auction.”

6. Missing Cash

Missing Cash
The insider says Amber is livid after realizing a large sum of money has gone missing from the account she previously shared with Andrew.

7. Not Good

Not Good
“A lot of money went missing from Amber’s and Andrew’s joint bank account leading up to the fight,” the source claims.

8. Not the Amber We Know

Not the Amber We Know
“Amber is very trusting, so at first when she noticed there was some money gone she did not want to make an issue out of it even though she is fully supporting their family financially,” the informant claims.

9. Deadbeat Dad?

Deadbeat Dad?
“Amber wanted Andrew to contribute to their family on some level and that is an issue that had been brewing," the insider adds.

10. Obvious Allegiance

Obvious Allegiance
Okay, so it sounds like that first source was loyal to Amber. Fortunately, a second insider with ties to Andrew is telling the other side of the story.

11. Pleading His Case

Pleading His Case
The Andrew source confirms that Glennon got scammed at an auction not long before his breakup with Amber.

12. Making It Right

Making It Right
However, he says Andrew is currently suing the sellers who unloaded their fraudulent goods on him in an effort to get Amber's money back.

13. Identity Theft

Identity Theft
The insider also says Amber should not be surprised by the missing cash, as she and Andrew were both "aware of their joint bank account being manipulated" by identity thieves.

14. Paranoid Amber?

Paranoid Amber?
"She insisted on removing all the money from their joint account and buying a safe,” says the source. He's apparently unclear on whether or not Amber went through with the plan.

15. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
Contrary to Amber's claim that Andrew did not contribute to the couple's finances, the source says Glennon was, in fact, the primary breadwinner in the relationship.

16. Big Earner

Big Earner
The insider says Andrew came to the relationship with a substantial nest egg and earned an average of $1,500 a day from day trading.

17. Falling Behind

Falling Behind
Despite his best efforts, however, Glennon “could not keep up with Amber’s unnecessary life expenses,”

18. Big Spender

Big Spender
The insider says Amber spent money constantly, often ordering 3-4 meals a day to be delivered to her home.

19. The Pampered Sloth

The Pampered Sloth
She also bought clothes every day, says the source. And if the items didn't fit, “she would just throw them in a huge pile in her closet and never once think to return them.”

20. Footing the Bills

Footing the Bills
“Andrew just recently paid for both of Amber’s car notes, her phone bill, the electrical bill, gas, cable bill, roof repairs, her furniture financing, [their son] James’ recent vaccinations, as well as all of his food and necessities,” the insider says.

21. Falling Apart

Falling Apart
During the relationship, Andrew reportedly spent a fortune on home maintenance. “Every check Andrew would bring in would be quickly spent on the upkeep of the house," says the source.

22. Counter-Claim

Portwood's source concedes that Andrew dropped a lot of cash, but, she says, “All the money was coming from Amber.”

23. Amber's Cash

Amber's Cash
“The only checks he brought in were from Teen Mom, a show that Amber is on that he’s a part of because of her,” the source says. “Amber also gave him many thousands to day trade with.”

24. As Long As We're Here

As Long As We're Here
Amber's source claims Andrew is equally full of it in his account of what happened on the night Amber was arrested for assault.

25. He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said
“While Andrew claims to have feared for his life, he was actually egging her on and trying to push all of her buttons,” the source alleges. “She was doing her best to get him to stop and diffuse the situation and she never had or has any intentions of hurting him or their child.”

26. Always Something

Always Something
Sounds like this situation is sure to get a lot worse before it gets any better!

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