Adam Lind: Back on Teen Mom 2!! Still on Meth?!

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Adam Lind has never been a Teen Mom fan favorite.

And yeah, that may be the biggest understatement of all time, but hey, it's still true.

Adam was the worst in many, many ways, but at least he had the decency to quit the show a couple of years ago so we wouldn't have to see him on TV anymore.

But now, it's looking like he can't even manage that anymore.

Yep ... he's back!

1. There He Is!

There He Is!
So yeah, Adam may be the worst dad in the entire Teen Mom franchise -- and considering some of the other dads, that's really saying a lot.

2. Oof

Like he's so bad that if he had stuck around and become a bigger cast member, he might almost be as bad as Amber "shut your fat f-cking mouth, you deserve to get hit" Portwood.

3. Boo, Adam

Boo, Adam
Adam has been awful from day one -- he was always mean to Chelsea Houska.

4. Just Cruel

Just Cruel
One of the most memorable moments from the early seasons of Teen Mom 2 was when she received a text from him that read "you fat stretch mark bitch ... tell me where and when to sign the rights over for that mistake," with baby Aubree being "that mistake."

5. Gross

As the years went on, things didn't get better. He barely spent any time with Aubree, he kept breaking up with Chelsea and then getting back with her when he needed a place to live, and he always treated her terribly, whether they were dating or not.

6. And Then Paislee

And Then Paislee
He even began to spread his awfulness around a bit more -- he dated Taylor Halbur and got her pregnant with her daughter, Paislee.

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