90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Yazan Gave Up EVERYTHING for Brittany

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is not holding back when it comes to Season 2 drama.

On Episode 16, we see Ariela undergo her emergency C-section.

The friction between Ariela and Biniyam's fundamental disagreements isn't going away, however, even as she recovers from surgery.

Armando and Kenneth see how Armando's family is reacting to their engagement news, especially little Hannah.

Tim and Melyza sleep together for the first time since he arrived. It was great ... and then everything goes downhill.

Deavan and Jihoon are settling into their new apartment and looking to finally have a real wedding.

Brittany speaks to her family about the situation, omitting some key details so that they won't worry. They're worried anyway.

Meanwhile Yazan's family has turned his life upside down. He has lost everything for Brittany, he reveals.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
Ariela went in for a normal ultrasound only to find out that she would have to undergo a C-section that very day. It is absolute nightmare fodder. With Biniyam there for emotional support, she also calls her family. Her mom, Janice, assures her that it will be okay, that the family will come out to see her, and that she cannot wait to meet her grandbaby.

2. But obviously, she's still frightened

But obviously, she's still frightened
Giving birth is frightening and painful enough on the due date. A C-section is major surgery, which always carries risks, and Ariela is understandably overwhelmed.

3. Biniyam gets weird

Biniyam gets weird
He shares that his family and community have taught him that a natural vaginal birth is somehow more pure or loving than a C-section and that it helps the mother and child bond. This is not an Ethiopia-only mindset; you can find plenty of people spewing insulting brainrotten nonsense in the US, too. Delivery methods have nothing to do with how much a mother loves her child.

4. Dude, no

Dude, no
Biniyam also thinks that having surgery is less painful??? Just because you're asleep for it doesn't mean that they are not cutting through the wall of your abdominal muscles and then slitting open your uterus to remove a whole baby. It's giving birth -- there's no fun or easy option.

5. Ariela is having such a hard time

Ariela is having such a hard time
She has to stop crying and shifting so that they can put her under. Oh this was so hard to watch. Like, you wish that her mom could just teleport there to hold her hand.

6. Finally, she was under

Finally, she was under
Obviously, we didn't see the gruesome details of the surgery. It might have done Biniyam good to see it, to be honest.

7. Oh dear

Oh dear
Now, Ariela's baby did not cry immediately upon removal, leading doctors to conclude that there may be respiratory issues. However, eventually he did and was breathing normally.

8. Biniyam is so excited

Biniyam is so excited
He snapped photos of his newborn while Ariela slept and recovered.

9. Then, Ariela wakes up

Then, Ariela wakes up
She holds her baby and is still very clearly recovering from a serious surgery.

10. There is more to this

There is more to this
Ariela and Biniyam continue to disagree about issues so fundamental that they should have been handled in the very first trimester, not after the whole baby is born.

11. He's still hoping to get the baby baptized

He's still hoping to get the baby baptized
Biniyam wants his son baptized in his religion -- Orthodox Christianity. Ariela, as the child of an interfaith marriage herself, understands how important this is to him but there are lines that she is not prepared to cross. As we previously learned, Ariela would have to also convert in order for her baby to be baptized. Biniyam believes that his child could literally burn in literal eternal hellfire if this doesn't happen. Meanwhile, many believe that children -- being people and all -- should simply be allowed to choose their faith when they are old enough, rather than having their souls pledged to a god they've never heard of when they're infants.

12. The name game

The name game
Biniyam pushes for the name Gabriel. Ariela is thinking about nicknames and does no tlove the idea of her son being called Gabe. She likes the name Aviel, which would come with the nickname Avi. Those sure are some choices!

13. Biniyam is nervous

Biniyam is nervous
He goes shopping for baby supplies with his sisters, but he is very nervous about things not being right with Ariela and her potentially leaving Ethiopia with the wee baby whatshisname.

14. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
They pick up Hannah from school, and she is so excited to see Kenneth. She's SO cute.

15. Armando tells her about the engagement

Armando tells her about the engagement
Hannah is obviously processing a lot (remember, Armando's ex-wife died while trying to run him off of the road; no matter how much or how little of that Hannah understands, this is a lot, plus she's moving, albeit the distance of a day trip) but she is happy and she tells Armando that she's excited that the three of them can be together. She has, of course, met Kenneth before.

16. Kenneth tears up

Kenneth tears up
Talking about Hannah and how much it means to him that she is so accepting is really precious. He's a father himself, of course, but his kids are grown.

17. Armando meets with his mom

Armando meets with his mom
She didn't exactly react in the best way imaginable to Armando's engagement announcement, but she does acknowledge that Kenneth seems very nice.

18. Armando's dad didn't really meet with Kenneth

Armando's dad didn't really meet with Kenneth
But Armando's mom says that what he said was "We need to support him." It's unclear how much of this is coming through the Family Filter, of course.

19. Armando and Kenneth are planning their wedding

Armando and Kenneth are planning their wedding
His mom is surprised that they plan to have an actual wedding and not just get the marriage certificate and be done with it, leading Armando to have to explain the literal concept of weddings -- to celebrate a union -- to his mother.

20. But she does agree to attend

But she does agree to attend
But she says that Armando will have to ask his father himself.

21. This was such a sweet moment

This was such a sweet moment
Armando's mother tells Kenneth to please take care of her son.

22. Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta
Not to throw aside the curtain, but part of me is wondering if they woke up the morning after boning and were like "hmm, let's call the producers and tell them that we banged so that they can film us" or if they had to jump back into bed and pretend. Whatever. They hooked up for the first time since Tim came to Columbia, and Melyza says that it was awkward at first but then was, as usual, very good.

23. Tim is beside himself

Tim is beside himself
He jokes about how it's good to "get lucky," but remember, this guy hasn't hooked up with Melyza -- or anyone -- since he cheated on Melyza with a coworker and almost ruined their love for good. There's a lot of emotion behind this, because Melyza is the woman he loves.

24. Things are going well, but ...

Things are going well, but ...
This is when Melyza, as she discussed from her hunky brother and smokeshow of a friend last week, comes clean to Tim about how, after she left the US having broken up with Tim for his cheating, she dated and hooked up with a man. It was sexual, but she emphasizes that she did not have feelings for him.

25. Tim has a problem with this

Tim has a problem with this
Though he did cheat on her, he feels that this is similar. Clearly, on some level, Melyza worries that this is true, because she was reluctant to tell him and seems to feel guilt about it. (Real talk: she probably should have told him, though of course when she was single again, she didn't owe him anything -- only when they decided to give it another shot should she have told him)

26. My Cat Was Right About You

My Cat Was Right About You
Tim clearly has a lot to process. Honestly, if Melyza had told him when he was still in the groveling stage, this would probably have been less of an issue.

27. He chats with his therapist

He chats with his therapist
He is advised that now he and Melyza both have some trust issues to overcome with each other and some forgiving to do. (Honestly, I hope that it works, because this couple gives me April & Andy vibes from Parks and Rec and I'm all about it)

28. Melyza is processing, too

Melyza is processing, too
She feels like things are rocky and uncertain, and she's right.

29. Melyza's mom is Team Breakup

Melyza's mom is Team Breakup
As she said from the start, she thinks that there's no way forward after Tim cheated, and the two should go their separate ways. That's not bad advice, actually, and I say that knowing full well that I'm still rooting for them to make it work.

30. Melyza begins to cry

Melyza begins to cry
Speaking to her mother, she acknowledges that she's sort of kept things bottled up instead of processing her emotions. (Melyza is, emotionally speaking, one of the most relatable stars on this entire franchise)

31. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
Deavan and Jihoon's story is deeply uncomfortable given the extremely upsetting abuse allegations about Jihoon, but at the time when this was filmed (pre-pandemic), Deavan and Jihoon have happily moved into their NEW new apartment.

32. Drascilla is settling in, too

Drascilla is settling in, too
Here, she does her impression of Solid Snake and is just too cute for words.

33. Jihoon has way more clothing than Deavan

Jihoon has way more clothing than Deavan
He jokes that this is because he is a fashionista. The reality is probably that, though Deavan is a model, she had to uproot her literal entire life and move here with her own clothes and with Drascilla and Taeyang's clothes, rather than just drive a few miles to drop off a lifetime of clothes like Jihoon did.

34. They got a puppy

They got a puppy
Bam Bam is cute and it's sweet to watch Drascilla playing with him, but ... and I mean this nicely ... getting a puppy when you have two small children is a bewildering choice. Being a parent is already overwhelming. We get it, though -- they missed having a dog and Jihoon's parents wanted to keep their dog, which is fair.

35. Things are going well

Things are going well
Deavan notes that though the two of them have been legally married for some time, they never had an actual wedding and are looking into having one there in Korea.

36. So they're wedding planning

So they're wedding planning
This is not going to go as well as Deavan hopes. That's true of so many things about this marriage.

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