9 Surprising Facts About Kim Kardashian

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Did you know this about Kim Kardashian? What about that? We share a few surprising facts about the star here.

1. She was a teenage bride.

She was a teenage bride.
It's true. Kim Kardashian married Damon Thomas in 2000. She was only 19 at the time of the Vegas wedding and the pair divorced in 2004.

2. PETA hates her.

Kim Kardashian was named the world's Worst Dressed Person in 2010 by this animal-loving organization. They aren't fans of her fur collection.

3. A connection to Michael Jackson.

Kim has always been well-connected. Aside from attending pre-school with Paris Hilton, she had her 14th birthday party at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

4. CSI: Kardashian?

If she couldn't find work as a designer (or whatever the heck she is?), Kim would go into forensics. She once said: "I am fascinated with forensics and this show really shows how crimes come to life and how forensics solve these crimes."

5. Paid to Tweet.

Kim isn't your best friend, happily recommending various brands or designers for your closet. She is typically paid a minimum of $10,000 to mention a company by name in a Tweet or Facebook post.

6. She's known Kanye forever.

She has known Kanye West since 2004. They met back when Kim worked as a stylist for Brandy Norwood and that singer collaborated on a single with the rapper.

7. She misses her father.

She misses her father.
Kim was especially close to her late father, who died in 2003 and is known for serving as one of OJ Simpson's lawyers. She says she still has dreams about Robert Kardashian and that he watches over her family.

8. She has famous exes.

She has famous exes.
We know about Kanye. But Kim has also dated (deep breath now...) Ray J, Nick Lachey, Miles Austin, Reggie Bush, Nick Cannon Gabriel Aubry.


Kim once worked as a stylist and her famous clients included Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Cindy Crawford.

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