15 Most Offensive T-Shirts Ever

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From Abercrombie & FItch to Urban Outfitters, there's just no limit to bad t-shirt design ideas. Here are 15 offensive t-shirts that have been removed from stores. 

1. Urban Outfitters Drinking Shirt

Urban Outfitters Drinking Shirt
Too funny? Or too far?

2. American Apparel Vagina Shirt

American Apparel Vagina Shirt
Check out this awesome vagina shirt from American Apparel. There appears to be some menstruating going on.

3. Lewd PacSun Item

Lewd PacSun Item
Do you find this PacSun shirt offensive? A woman in Utah found it SO offensive that she bought all items like it from a location in her state.

4. American Apparel Wet T-Shirt

American Apparel Wet T-Shirt
Check out this wet t-shirt by American Apparel. It's not actually wet, of course. Just looks like it.

5. PacSun Shirt

PacSun Shirt
This shirt was on sale at a PacSun location. An offended mother bought it, and everything like it, to keep the item away from kids.

6. Wake Me When I'm Skinny T-Shirt from A Pea in the Pod

Wake Me When I'm Skinny T-Shirt from A Pea in the Pod
Maternity retailer A Pea in the Pod pulled this t-shirt which reads "Wake me when I'm skinny" after customers complained it was offensive.

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