33 Most Epic Facebook Fails of All Time

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We all use Facebook all day every day, and we all have seen our fair share of stupid s--t on there in our day, but man, these people ...

These people take the cake. To a hilarious degree.

Behold, 33 of the most epic, LOL-tastic, all-American Facebook fails of all time that will make you love/hate your fellow U.S. residents.

Honestly, you gotta read these to believe 'em ...

1. Weird-Looking Parrot!

Weird-Looking Parrot!
Who chose that bird to put over an American flag pic, honestly? And why?

2. July 3 or 4?

July 3 or 4?
Come on. July 4 only falls on the 3rd when Halloween falls on October 13.

3. Marveling at Nature

Marveling at Nature
If you ever doubt the existence of God, just look at... Mount Rushmore?

4. Empire (Building) State of Mind

Empire (Building) State of Mind
This is the Statue of Liberty.

5. WTH, Time?!?

WTH, Time?!?
The time went... backwards? What the heck happened here?!?

6. Happy Birthday, Earth!

Happy Birthday, Earth!
Seriously, buddy, you've come a long way. Well done!

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