33 Most Epic Facebook Fails of All Time

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We all use Facebook all day every day, and we all have seen our fair share of stupid s--t on there in our day, but man, these people ...

These people take the cake. To a hilarious degree.

Behold, 33 of the most epic, LOL-tastic, all-American Facebook fails of all time that will make you love/hate your fellow U.S. residents.

Honestly, you gotta read these to believe 'em ...

1. Weird-Looking Parrot!

Weird-Looking Parrot!
Who chose that bird to put over an American flag pic, honestly? And why?

2. July 3 or 4?

July 3 or 4?
Come on. July 4 only falls on the 3rd when Halloween falls on October 13.

3. Marveling at Nature

Marveling at Nature
If you ever doubt the existence of God, just look at... Mount Rushmore?

4. Empire (Building) State of Mind

Empire (Building) State of Mind
This is the Statue of Liberty.

5. WTH, Time?!?

WTH, Time?!?
The time went... backwards? What the heck happened here?!?

6. Happy Birthday, Earth!

Happy Birthday, Earth!
Seriously, buddy, you've come a long way. Well done!

7. No Reception

No Reception
It may be 2014, but that doesn't mean everyone owns a cell phone.

8. A Shocking Fact

A Shocking Fact
THIS JUST IN: Africa is not a country. Story developming...

9. Vegetarian Fail

Vegetarian Fail
You're a vegetarian who eats turkey burgers? That seems hard to pull off.

10. Comma vs. Coma

Comma vs. Coma
All it takes is one letter to give a word a very different meaning from another word.

11. Exchanging Vowels

Exchanging Vowels
Do you, anonymous woman, promise to give this anonymous man an E in exchange for his U?

12. A Sinking Feeling

A Sinking Feeling
Yes, this person believed James Cameron's Titanic was a real-life documentary.

13. RIP, Michael Jordan

RIP, Michael Jordan
He had quite the run, but Michael Jordan has apparently passed away.

14. Non-Penguins

1. You misspelled "penguins." 2. These are not penguins.

15. Trippy!

Whoa, bros. Where is the W in this tennis racket shadow?

16. Coolest. Teacher. Ever.

Coolest. Teacher. Ever.
Mrs. Johanson 2, Larry 0.

17. Capri Sun FTW!

Capri Sun FTW!
Capri Sun and Mrs. Johanson should totally date.

18. Dead Dawg

Dead Dawg
Yeah. This is a bit awkward.

19. Aunt or Uncle?

Aunt or Uncle?
It's always exciting to learn whether one is gonna be an aunt or an uncle.

20. Halloween on October 13?

Halloween on October 13?
PHEW! Can you imagine what will happen the year Halloween falls on October 13?

21. Who is Feat?!?

Who is Feat?!?
Forget Kanye. Who is this impressive rapper named "Feat.?"

22. Google vs. Facebook

Google vs. Facebook
If at first parents don't learn... just humor them.

23. A Lack of Manors

A Lack of Manors
Where have all the good manors gone? Blame the economy.

24. Confused About Hitler

Confused About Hitler
Let's give Holly a break: people have said MUCH worse things about Hitler.

25. BJ Confusion

BJ Confusion
One type of blow job may be considered a sin. The other is just a type of beauty enhancement.

26. What a Dumb Elevator!

What a Dumb Elevator!
Seriously, what is this elevator thinking?!?

27. A Billion Here, A Billion There...

A Billion Here, A Billion There...
Give this person a break! Is there really a big difference between 7 and 20 billion?

28. Credit Card Rejection

Credit Card Rejection
Maybe this person just has the wrong kind of computer.

29. Was the Titanic Real?

Was the Titanic Real?
Who knew there was so much confusion on the Internet about the Titanic?

30. A Parent's Revenge

A Parent's Revenge
Let's just say we're glad we aren't a member of this family.

31. Burned by the Sun

Burned by the Sun
Just keep digging that hole, Facebook user...

32. Hashtag Confusion

Hashtag Confusion
Because all phones created nowadays have the Hashtag sign on them.

33. Relationship Status Update Reaction

Relationship Status Update Reaction
That hurts, Marshall.

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