21 Pictures of Kids and Pets Being Best Friends Forever

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It does not get any cuter than these photographs of kids and pets. It simply does not.

Click away and see what we mean.

1. The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.

The. Cutest. Photo. Ever.
That's it. We can end the Internet now. This is the cutest photo you'll ever see.

2. Really, Kid?

Really, Kid?
You know the question we need to ask in this picture, don't you? Who is taking whom for a walk?

3. Black, White, Perfect

Black, White, Perfect
This is black, white and totes adorbs. Look how small that dog is!!!

4. Top of the Head Kiss

Top of the Head Kiss
This child plants a kiss on this dog's head and we just wanna curl up and die because it's so cute.

5. Playing Adorable Doctor

Playing Adorable Doctor
It's time for the cutest check-up in Internet history. Take long, deep breaths, dog.

6. Let's Swing!

Let's Swing!
Only one thing is more fun than going on a swing: going on a swing with your furry best friend!

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