2016 Emmys: What Will Win Best Drama Series?

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The 2016 Emmy Awards will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and air on ABC on Sunday, September 18.

They will honor the very best in television, both in drama and in comedy.

In anticipation of the ceremony, we know many readers out there may be wondering on which shows and stars to place their money.

So while we can't condone illegal gambling, we can provide the odds of winning for each series up for Best Drama...

1. Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones
Last year's winner in this category, it stands a solid chance of repeating. Game Of Thrones ended with an incredible finale, which had to have left a positive impression in the minds of voters. It actually won't be eligible next year, either, meaning this is the time to reward TV's most universally beloved series... or wait to do so again until 2018. ODDS: 3-1.

2. Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot
Forget the terrible second season, it's Season 1 that is up for this award. And Mr. Robot burst on to the scene, giving us incredible performers and visuals that made it look unlike anything else on television. Just getting nominated was an achievement for a USA show, but this made enough of an impression that it could actually win. ODDS: 7-1.

3. House of Cards

House of Cards
Here's a Hot Take: House of Cards has gotten worse each season. But no one wants to admits this apaprently. It is still considered a "prestige" show, the kind the Emmys often recognize. ODDS: 10-1.

4. Homeland

Another Emmy darling that just finished its best season since Season 2. But it's still a shell of what it once was and we're not sure if Homeland deserves to win this category when its best days are behind it.

5. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul
We'd love to see Better Call Saul win. It has succeeded where so many other spinoffs have failed, thanks to great writing and a great leading man. But will it suffer from the fact that it's still no Breaking Bad, the show that made its existence possible? ODDS: 15-1.

6. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey
Please, God, no. Downton Abbey has come to an end and we could see Emmy voters wanting to honor the series as some sort of tribute. But we're stunned it's even nominated... and we've been saying that for years. ODDS: 25-1.

7. The Americans

The Americans
To be clear, we adore The Americans. We think it's the best show on television. But it has never been nominated before and most consider it a victory that it's even under official consideration for Best Drama. ODDS: 50-1.

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