19 First World Problems That Elicit Little Sympathy

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These poor souls on Twitter. Read all about their first world problems now and break out your violins.

1. Too Much Balsamic Vinegar!

Too Much Balsamic Vinegar!
Break out the violins, people. This person has put too much Balsamic Vinegar on her salad!

2. Tea with Soy Milk?!?

Tea with Soy Milk?!?
This person has tea with soy milk. How did she ever survive?

3. iPad Problems

iPad Problems
There are people in Africa who WISH they had iPads whose brightness could hurt their eyes.

4. Stuck with a Jeep

Stuck with a Jeep
This poor Twitter user only has a Jeep. Pity her, people. Pity her.

5. Where's the Cleaner?

Where's the Cleaner?
Don't you hate it when the person who does your laundry arrives late?

6. Broken Pool Cover

Broken Pool Cover
It doesn't get much worse than wanting to go for a dip and having your pool cover broken.

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