17 Halloween Costumes Woman Have Somehow Made Skanky

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How have women managed to make these Halloween costumes so very skanky? We have no idea. But they've definitely managed to do so.

1. Slutty Corn

Slutty Corn
You'll wanna take your time while picking these kernels from between your teeth!

2. Slutty Killer Whale

Slutty Killer Whale
Wow. What a mighty big blow hole you have.

3. Slutty Olaf

Slutty Olaf
Olaf was many things in Frozen. Sexy was not one of them.

4. Slutty Bert

Slutty Bert
Who out there wants to be my Ernie?

5. Slutty Crayon

Slutty Crayon
I'll be any color you want me to be!

6. Slutty Cab Driver

Slutty Cab Driver
Wanna honk my horn? Pay my tab? Stick your penis in me?

7. Slutty Real Estate Agent

Slutty Real Estate Agent
Forget closing costs. You'll be paying the opening (my legs) costs!

8. Slutty French Fries

Slutty French Fries
A sexy, salty treat!

9. Slutty Pizza

Slutty Pizza
How do you like your crust? On the bottom or the top?

10. Slutty Nun

Slutty Nun
This is just wrong on absolutely every level.

11. Slutty Waldo

Slutty Waldo
Where is this Waldo? In your bed if you play your cards right!

12. Slutty Scissorhands

Slutty Scissorhands
You may wanna skip any manual stimulation with this one.

13. Slutty Marionette

Slutty Marionette
Go ahead and do anything you want with me!

14. Slutty Sherlock Holmes

Slutty Sherlock Holmes
May I investigate your crotch?

15. Slutty Pizza Delivery Person

Slutty Pizza Delivery Person
Just the tip? I'll need more than that!

16. Slutty Clown

Slutty Clown
I know how to juggle balls. Hehe.

17. Slutty Oompa Loompa

Slutty Oompa Loompa
Yes, this costume actually exists. We give up.

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