17 Epic Target Fails

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Target fails so hard in this hilarious gallery. Check out some of their best/worst efforts.

1. Tasty Diapers

Tasty Diapers
Mmm. So real. So delish.

2. Young Adult Reading

Young Adult Reading
Another epic sign screwup. This should be in the Mommy Porn section.

3. Emerging Authors

Emerging Authors
F. Scott Fitzgerald and Harper Lee ... keep your eye on those two rising literary stars, they are going places!

4. For Your Funny Bone

For Your Funny Bone
The Fault in Our Stars and other works that will crack you the eff up.

5. Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks
Good AND good for you? Win-win!

6. What a Deal!

What a Deal!
Was: $19.99. Now: $19.99! Where do we sign up?!

7. Again With the Clearance

Again With the Clearance
Someone in management needs a crash course on what that word actually means.

8. The Door Swings Both Ways

The Door Swings Both Ways
Or none at all?

9. Produce Shortage

Produce Shortage
$24 for a banana? What is this, a war zone?

10. Tampon Fashion

Tampon Fashion
That's one way to market feminine hygiene products.

11. Study Treats For U

Study Treats For U
That stuff will help your GPA, no question.

12. Date Night Prep

Date Night Prep
A little presumptuous, no?

13. Try This Instead

Try This Instead
Can't find Tums? Try these Trojan bare skin condoms!

14. Epic Photoshop Work

Epic Photoshop Work
Take a close look at this advertisement. Then LOL and shake your head along with us.

15. More Epic Photoshop Work

More Epic Photoshop Work
One happy family man. Three arms.

16. Cousins Picture Frame

Cousins Picture Frame
This is actually a real hot seller in certain parts of the country.

17. Hello Kitty Eats Her V

Hello Kitty Eats Her V
You can't make this stuff up.

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