16 Reasons Ian Somerhalder Has Been Causing Cold Water Shortages

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Attention, ladies! Thanks to Ian Somerholder's undeniable sexiness, your cold water usage will now be monitored!

Ian Somerhalder loves animals, is a hopeless romantic and he plays a seductive vampire on The Vampire Diaries...What's not to love?

Get in line for your daily dose of cold water as you check out some of Ian Somerhalder's hottest photos...

1. He LOVES His Wife

He LOVES His Wife
Go read anything Ian has ever said about Nikki Reed. Talk about #RelationshipGoals.

2. Boy Next Door Charm

Boy Next Door Charm
Ian Somerhalder can wander over to our house with his boy next door charm and ask for a cup of sugar when ever he wants.

3. Smoldering Ian Somerhalder

Smoldering Ian Somerhalder
Hey, Ian, stop looking directy into our soul. It's kind of a little too much.

4. One Of The Boys

One Of The Boys
Ian Somerhalder can battle for our attention against his TVD buddies anyday. He's always going to win.

5. Beachin' It Ian Somerhalder

Beachin' It Ian Somerhalder
Wedded bliss sure looks good on Ian Somerhalder. He can rock a tuxedo OR a bathing suit!

6. Sexy Cover Model

Sexy Cover Model
Hottness, party of one! Make that two if you include Nina Dobrev. Ian Somerhalder, plus a shirtless magazine cover, equals holy sexy, batman.

7. He Ca Also Direct

He Ca Also Direct
Ian Somerhalder once stepped out of his comfort zone as an actor to direct an episode of The Vampire Diaries. He can do it all!

8. Ian Somerhalder Paints His Wife Red

Ian Somerhalder Paints His Wife Red
He has no problem being arm candy for Reed. Can other men say that?

9. Animal Lover Ian Somerhalder

Animal Lover Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder and ISF bring awareness to many global issues. Our favorite being animals. How adorable is a man and his cat?

10. Ian Somerhalder Hits the Slopes

Ian Somerhalder Hits the Slopes
Even with a ski helmet over his head, Ian Somerhalder looks adorable. Wonder if he gets hat hair. Probably not.

11. Strike a Pose Ian Somerhalder

Strike a Pose Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder's red carpet swagger is always on point. Few other stars can so easily transition from the set to the red carpet to the beach and back again.

12. Goofing Around Ian Somerhalder

Goofing Around Ian Somerhalder
It's a giggle fest with Ian Somerhalder and his TVD costars Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig in this photo. The guy is known to be a hoot on set.

13. Surfs Up, Ian

Surfs Up, Ian
Ian Somerhalder is a Teen Choice Awards staple. He can surf for days with the boards he's won. Young fans adore his charm.

14. Grump Cat Ian Somerhalder

Grump Cat Ian Somerhalder
Grump Cat is frowning, but we aren't. Ian looks cat-tastic in this pic with the sad feline. The actor has a great sense of humor.

15. He's a Really Good Actor

He's a Really Good Actor
Just seems worth mentionig. Go check out The Vampire Diaries if you don't on a regular basis.

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