11 Signs You Might Be A People Pleaser

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Does your life suck because you spend your time making other people happy? Here are 11 signs you might be a people pleaser so you can stop living for others and start living for yourself.

1. You're Too Nice

You're Too Nice
You spend too much of your time being nice. To the people you like AND to the people you loathe.

2. You're a Doormat

You're a Doormat
You're a doormat and you let people walk all over you. Be a matador.

3. Rescue Me

Rescue Me
You attract people who need to be rescued or comforted. If you're always saving them, who's saving you?

4. You Better Work

You Better Work
You're a workaholic. You take on your projects, other people's projects, and that other guy's projects, too.

5. All The Feels

All The Feels
You have a fear of hurting other peoples' feelings, which means you aren't always looking out for your own.

6. Master Avoider

Master Avoider
You are a MASTER at avoiding confrontation. You could teach the class!

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