11 Epic Sext Message Fails

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SEXT MESSAGE FAIL ALERT!! SEXT MESSAGE FAIL ALERT!! But also ... LOL alert, because their loss is our humorous gain.

Check out a handful of incredible, albeit un-arousing, cell phone conversations that started off hot, then took unexpected turns ...

1. Mmm... Pop Tarts.

Mmm... Pop Tarts.
Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?

2. Spacing Issues

Spacing Issues
A little space, and a little spelling, can go a long way when trying to be seductive.

3. Emotion Fail!

Emotion Fail!
When swallowing goes terribly, terribly wrong.

4. Satisfy Her Craving

Satisfy Her Craving
What's better than a Pop Tart? Oreo Cereal.

5. A Little Too Rough

A Little Too Rough
Some gals do like it rough. But most have their limits.

6. A Monster in Bed

A Monster in Bed
Some folks like Skinemax. Others? Pixar.

7. Being (Semi) Naughty

Being (Semi) Naughty
A bit of PG-13 sexy talk.

8. Patriotism vs. Patootie-ism

Patriotism vs. Patootie-ism
God bless America... and also this person for his sexting snafu.

9. The End of an Erection

The End of an Erection
Safe to say this is one way to put a fast end to an erection.

10. Heating Things Up

Heating Things Up
Come on. This kind of creativty would totally turn us on!

11. You Tell Her, Grandma!

You Tell Her, Grandma!
This will teach an autobot to try and sext up an old lady.

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