11 Epic Sext Message Fails

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SEXT MESSAGE FAIL ALERT!! SEXT MESSAGE FAIL ALERT!! But also ... LOL alert, because their loss is our humorous gain.

Check out a handful of incredible, albeit un-arousing, cell phone conversations that started off hot, then took unexpected turns ...

1. Mmm... Pop Tarts.

Mmm... Pop Tarts.
Sometimes you're in the mood for Pop Tarts instead of a pounding. Can you really blame a woman?

2. Spacing Issues

Spacing Issues
A little space, and a little spelling, can go a long way when trying to be seductive.

3. Emotion Fail!

Emotion Fail!
When swallowing goes terribly, terribly wrong.

4. Satisfy Her Craving

Satisfy Her Craving
What's better than a Pop Tart? Oreo Cereal.

5. A Little Too Rough

A Little Too Rough
Some gals do like it rough. But most have their limits.

6. A Monster in Bed

A Monster in Bed
Some folks like Skinemax. Others? Pixar.

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