11 Cinco de Mayo Recipes

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Viva la Mexico! It's time to party! Here are 11 Cinco de Mayo recipes to take your celebration from good to great!

1. Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa
Start the meal off right with a bowl of chips and salsa. Make your own from scratch or reach for the Pace and Tostitos. We won't tell.

2. Guacamole

Nothing compliments chips and salsa better than a side of guacamole. It's super easy to make with fresh avocados, AND it's healthy!

3. Vegetable Crudite

Vegetable Crudite
Arrange your crudite in the colors of the Mexican flag to decorare your table AND feed your guests!

4. Mexican Beers

Mexican Beers
With a wide assortment of Mexican beers available in your local package store, you can add authenticity to your party.

5. Margaritas

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a margarita! Try a variety of flavors like this mango margarita.

6. Mexican Bulldog

Mexican Bulldog
If you and your guests are feeling particularly adventurous, mix your beer and margaritas for a Mexican Bulldog. Don't say when didn't warn you on May 6th.

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