USA Today Brings Christmas Early 38383

USA Today Brings Christmas Early

Because it wouldn’t be the holiday season without job cuts at big media companies, USA Today is getting a jump start on stuffing stockings with coal: They’re slashing 45 newsroom jobs, or 9 percent of its 500-ish editorial staff. Reason? Despite the header you read on its green Money section, the paper isn’t making it like it used to.

“Employees with more than 15 years experience or fewer than five years of online experience will be eligible for a buyout, USA Today Editor-in-Chief Ken Paulson said yesterday in a memo to the staff.” Translation: If you’re an old, stodgy newspaper veteran, get out! And if you’re an old, stodgy online veteran, please stay. [Bloomberg]

Nov 16, 2007 · Link · Repond
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