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More Unequivocal Proof That Our Jossip Co-Editor Is A Jerk
Also: A Thief, A Liar And A Cheat!

Earlier this week, our newbie editor asked you whether or not she was a jerk for downloading Radiohead’s latest album for free. “Yes!” responded Mollygood editor Cord Jefferson.* And we totally agree! But, as it turns out, the jerkiness didn’t stop there.

Today, at Jossip headquarters, Rebecca “The Jerk” Aronauer actually stooped so low as to CHEAT IN A FRIENDLY GAME OF FACEBOOK SCRABBLE. [Ed: She was caught shamelessly consulting an online dictionary, submitting stupid non-words** and then totally trying to cover it all up] in a desperate bid to (finally!) beat her co-editor (and reigning champion) Debbie “Not a Jerk” Newman.

And there you have it. Irrefutable evidence that Rebecca (a) downloads music for free, (b) gets weirdly defensive about it afterwards and resorts to childish name-calling (c) cheats at pointless online board games for no apparent reason and (d) otherwise embodies every single objectionable behavioral trait befitting of a self-professed jerk.

Hey, Rebecca! The Jerk Store called—it’s running out of you.***

*Who is not gay.
**Like “Heh.”
***Obligatory Disclosure: This post was written by non-cheater, Debbie Newman

Oct 12, 2007 · Link · Repond

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