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‘Sports Illustrated’ lets subscribers opt out of swimsuit issue / Jossip

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

‘Sports Illustrated’ lets subscribers opt out of swimsuit issue

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For the straight-gay men (don’t you watch your Sex and the City?) with too many Bruce Weber coffee table books and a fresh copy of The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln, Sports Illustrated is offering them a chance to forego the annual swimsuit issue and receive a one-issue extension on their subscriptions.

With more letters than ever pouring into SI‘s editorial offices (where we’re nearly certain one out of every 1,200 letters gets read) and even some protesting outside 135 West 50th, managing editor Terry McDonell decided two issues ago to advertise the phone number where subscribers can opt out of the “objectifying women” edition. But in fact, the policy has been in effect for decades, though they haven’t done much to tell anyone.

But since there’s some crossover between those uninterested in seeing Veronica Varekova and reality television fanatics, the promise of seeing the winner of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search in print might change the minds of a family “with six boys between the ages of 7 and 11.” Speaking of, whatever happened to America’s Next Top Model‘s photo spread in Elle for Eva?

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