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Good Cries

A new series of portraits by conceptual photographer Sam Taylor-Wood features some of Hollywood???s most sought after leading men ??? Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Daniel Craig, etc ??? in tears. According to Taylor-Wood, the idea???s pretty simple: ???It???s about the idea of taking these big, masculine men and showing a different side.??? Yay, straightforward, unpretentious art.


Jun 16, 2008 · Link · Respond

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn go into the wild

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn, whom we should probably refer to as Robin Wright, are getting D’ed. No details as of yet, but the couple have two kids and have been married for 11 years. Perhaps Robin Wright is no longer into semi-ironic mustaches?

[Photo Credit: WireImage]

Dec 28, 2007 · Link · 2 Responses

Interview Magazine Crowns Mariah Carey As The World’s Biggest Diva. ‘I Demand A Recount!’ Whines Britney’s Double-Chin

• Mariah Carey reminds us why grown women and oversized cocktail napkins don’t mix.

• At 47, actor Sean Penn is still strangely attractive. Especially considering he only plays twisted serial killers, perverts and pedophiles.

• Actress Charlize Theron is back to doing what she does best, namely: giving Oscar-caliber performances of ugly people beset by internal conflict.

• Note to Fergie: If you insist on continually singing lip-syncing along to “G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S,” you might want to rethink the purple mom-jeans.

• Non-famous reality alum to inexplicably appear on Celebrity Apprentice. Or, as Stereohyped puts it, “Omarosa Returns To The Show That Made Her Marginally Famous.” Indeed.

• Ironically, it took being thrown into a Utah rehab center for Lindsay Lohan to have some semblance of a normal life.

Aug 21, 2007 · Link · Respond

Everything’s Fine,’ Says Usher, Ignoring The Fact That His Fianc?? Landed Herself In The Hospital Just Hours After He Ditched Her At The Altar

• Usher insists that the nuptials are still on track despite ample evidence to the contrary (i.e. he’s a philandering mama’s boy who traumatized his fiancee by canceling his wedding just two days ago).

• If you missed Beyonce’s fall (and the subsequent “I’m okay—wait, no I’m not” stumble) here’s your chance to watch it all over again. And again. And again. She’s so self-conscious!

• Actress Anne Hathaway ditches her own Hampton’s premiere (of Becoming Jane) in favor of an embarrassing public fight with her boyfriend. She then recovers/overcompernsates by showing up “all smiles” to the “rager” of an after-party.

• In a misguided attempt to defend Anne’s honor, Cinema Society founder Andrew Saffir says, “If [Anne] seemed emotional it was because she had not yet seen the film in its entirety, and she found even the little she watched of the opening very moving.” Riiiiight.


Jul 31, 2007 · Link · Respond

• It’s not all “Fun With Audio.” Rumor has it Alec Baldwin fired his CAA agent over this Dora the Explorer video.

• Angelina’s bulging forehead vein: minor imperfection or intellectual battle scar?

• A warrant is out for Richard Gere’s arrest one wek after his scandalous Bollywood kiss. If convicted, Gere could serve up to two years in jail. Seriously.

• Crazy woman attempts to run over Sandra Bullock’s hubby; AstroNut said to be “working on” an alibi.

• Sean Penn tries to keep his name out of the papers…by showing up at rapper/actress Eve’s jail cell with $30,000.

Apr 27, 2007 · Link · Respond

• Mel Gibson’s drunken anti-Semitic speech was a “gift,” forcing him to realize what he needs to focus on. Like box office returns.

• With the Sex and the City movie supposedly back on track, Kim Cattrall conveniently forgets it was she who put up the roadblocks.

• All the women who want to sue American Apparel’s Dov Charney will be happy to know he’s got a big corporate backer to pay those out-of-court settlements.

• After Christina Ricci’s biggest Internet fan dropped his website devoted to her and PETA named her to its Worst Dressed List because she wore fur, she’s denounced her personal connection to the slaughter of our furry friends.

• If this supermodel ain’t Naomi Campbell, we need a new list of anger-prone waifs.


Dec 19, 2006 · Link · Respond

• Perhaps Canada doesn’t realize that Sean Penn can do whatever he wants. Because he’s Sean Penn. [Page Six]

Jessica Simpson is in Rob Shuter recovery, which includes placing calls to top tabloid editors apologizing for the PR stunt Shuter pulled. We’re sure Bonnie Fuller gave her a full eight seconds before switching back to Tommy Mattola. [Radar]

• If Tom Cruise’s legal team doesn’t squash a tell-all book, we’re sure the aliens who spawned his child will do something. [Scoop]

• The New York Times manages to snap photos of the only four sober people at Don Hills Saturday night. [NYT]

Radar calls Anna Wintour a fucking bitch, forcing all of Bryant Park to flee from them, for fear of association. [Lowdown]

Sep 14, 2006 · Link · Respond

• If we’ve learned anything from Pete Doherty, it’s that Kate Moss isn’t a very good role model [3am]

• Uh, we always thought Sean Penn was a little weird (and that Ann Coulter was a huge bitch) but burning Barbies with cigarettes? That was so 7th grade. [Page Six]

Pamela Anderson fights for nature … and nature is still trying to figure out exactly what Pam is. [MSNBC]

• Apparently the rules for gentlemen don’t kiss and tell don’t apply when you’re trying to get your name in the press. We can only assume Jessica Simpson’s next fling will be Wilmer Valderrama. [Pop Sugar]

• Yeah, yeah, Randy Johnson has a secret love child. C’mon, George Clooney has like 10! [TSG] l

Mar 28, 2006 · Link · Respond

Sheryl Crowe and Lance Armstrong prove that a relationship takes more than tons of working out together and pissing off the media.

• A bronze sculpture of Kate Moss captures the model in her most natural state — with her legs behind her head. [London Times]

• It’s not that hard to impersonate Paris Hilton. Just open your mouth a little, wear really big, ugly sunglasses, and spit out two word sentences out of context. [Page Six]

• Models getting soaked in Porti Potti water makes fashion week that much more necessary. [Gatecrasher]

• We knew Mark Ruffalo was a total babe, but who knew he was Sean Penn’s wingman? That just totally upped his hotness factor. [TMZ]

Feb 6, 2006 · Link · Respond

Sean Penn does not expect anyone to quit smoking — hello, Bush is president. That’s so totally stressful. [PDA]

Charlize Theron gets a boost up the butt on the beach. [Just Jared]

Robin Williams gets all Gene Shalit on Jann Wenner. There’s a sentence we never thought we’d say. [WWD]

• We have to say it: Grove, get off the Emily Stern kick. It’s over. Nobody cares. [Lowdown]

Barbie gets a burkha. What’s next, G.I. Jihad wearing a turban? [AFP]

Jan 11, 2006 · Link · Respond

• So, what does Sean Penn get for his trouble of saving over 40 people in a borrowed boat? A rumor from a snarky Aussie journalist, claiming the boat sprung a leak. Not true, says Douglas Brinkley, who was on the boat with Penn. If you pull people out of water, guess what? Some water gets in the boat.

Christina Aguilera became $2 million richer instantly, thanks to her wedding performance quote being met by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Meanwhile, Whitney Houston pulled herself together to open the act with Enrique Iglesias for bride (and former Miss Yugoslavia) Alexandra Kokotovic.

Michael Jackson is reviving his charity motif with plans to record the song “From the Bottom of My Heart” in the next two weeks to benefit Katrina victims. Funny, since we heard he had his removed with his last nose job.

• While Diddy and Jay-Z are donating authentic designer duds to hurricane victims, the Department of Homeland Security is doing its part. They’ve sent $138 million worth of confiscated faux Yves St. Laurent and Tommy Hilifiger designs to needy evacuees.

• Producers’ decision to pull Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie back into the grasp of The Simple Life are getting what they’ve bargained for. Now they’re struggling to tie a plotline around separately filmed scenes.

Sep 7, 2005 · Link · Respond