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Spencer Pratt For President
Well, better him than Jason Wahler

These days, it???s easy to get depressed. Women are routinely raped in the Congo, journalists have no morals and people cheat in online scrabble. Good thing Spencer Pratt is here to take our minds off of all that suffering.

In a new interview in Radar, he says,

The bottom line is I’m making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders. The Hills is good breath for people. I do not take it a little bit seriously. I’m an entertainer.

Yeah, thinking about who should be our next president is a real downer. Too bad George Bush can???t stay in office forever.

But Spence???s strategy to get people not to think about their leaders will come in handy after his reality TV run ends:

Well, I definitely want to go into politics later in my life. I plan to be Governor at least, and President if possible.

Why stop at President, Spencer? A guy like you should be master of the Universe.

Oct 15, 2007 · Link · 3 Responses
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Comments (3)
No. 1 me says:

hahaha riiight.

Posted: Oct 15, 2007 at 6:56 pm
No. 2 Anna says:

What a LOSER! Not only is he a jackass, he’s actually stupid enough to think that anyone in their right mind would vote for a total douche like himself. He has no idea how much the world can’t stand him, does he?

Posted: Oct 15, 2007 at 8:54 pm
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