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Owen Wilson Speaks! And Tells You Everything You Didn’t Want To Know About The Darjeeling Limited
Weeks After Criticizing The Media For Not Respecting His Privacy, Owen Wilson Turns His Attempted Suicide Into A Shameless Promotional Vehicle, PR Bonanza

Not surprisingly, it turns out the much-hyped “First Interview With Owen Wilson After That Whole Attempted Wrist-Slitting Incident!” was somewhat anticlimactic. In fact, like most overhyped interviews, it had nothing to do with his personal life, attempted suicide or that bitch Kate Hudson, and everything to do with that movie he (and interviewer/director Wes Anderson) are shamelessly trying to promote.

Because people really tuned into the MySpace tv “Exclusive” to hear Wilson turn to Anderson in the opening moments and say, “Now why don’t we start right in with, why India?”

Nice try, Wes. But frankly, we expected more from you. Or at least a “To Be Continued” with a postscript that Part Two of the interview would be shown exclusively during the intermission of The Darjeeling Limited.

Oct 29, 2007 · Link · Repond

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