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— Thu, May 3, 2007 —

Remember the other day, when Page Six told us about Alycia Lane, who sent married sports correspondent, Rich Eisen, sexy bikini photos…that were (oop!) intercepted by his wife?

Well, now Alycia is pleading her case, claiming that the photos were completely innocent (because, who doesn’t send almost-nude photos to their platonic married friends?) And she even has a good buddy willing to vouch for her!

TV newsgal Trish Bergin defended Lane, a close friend, insisting she’s no homewrecker and, “if you look at [Eisen], you know he’s not even in her league.”

So fear not, ladies! Eisen isn’t interested in ruining your marriage, jump starting your divorce and traumatizing your children.

Unless, of course, your husband happens to be sexually desirable enough to be considered “in her league.”

In which case, it’s more than likely that you (not to mention your husband) are already screwed.

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