Writers Guild To Dress Up As Strikers For Halloween 38503

Writers Guild To Dress Up As Strikers For Halloween
The rest of us to be punished with reality programming

That stabbing look at modern Judeo-Christian Muslim relations and honest take on adolescence known as Aliens In America might be in danger. Unless major studios find a way to placate the Writers Guild of America in the next week, they will go on strike. And a show that brilliant doesn???t come from monkeys chained to typewriters.

The union voted 90% in favor of striking if they can???t negotiate a three-year contract to replace one that expires on Halloween. The networks have written episodes to last them through the fall, but the strike would cause cancellations by January.

The last time the Writers Guild went on strike in 1988, it lasted for 22 weeks and cost the industry $500 million.

As is often the case with strikes, it???s the people caught in the middle who suffer. Networks have prepared for the walk out with back up reality TV programming.

This is an earnest plea from Jossip: Writers, studios, please make your peace. If Kid Nation is considered primetime reality programming, we don???t want to know what networks have in the backburner. And we certainly don???t want to sit through 22 weeks of it.

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