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Jake Bronstein
— Thu, Jul 21, 2005 —

Jossip’s favorite public bather and unitard galavanter is donning his new summer image, which involved getting his “hair did.” Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new (ex-FHM ed-at-lrg) D’Angelo.

Err, we mean, Jake Bronstein. (via)

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— Wed, Jun 1, 2005 —

Jossip’s (second-favorite) trousersnake Jake Bronstein is making headlines again, and thankfully it has nothing to do saddling up next to the Naked Cowboy in a skintone unitard. Instead it’s his public criticism of Howard Stern‘s girlfriend Beth Ostrosky, who he called out on using her boyfriend’s fame to advance her own career. (Uh, yeah, and? Let us introduce you to Melania Trump.)

Stern replayed Bronstein’s comments on the air (which initially aired on G4TV and amounted to little more than saying saying she’s only famous because of Stern), which got the attention of FHM editor Scott Gramling – who would be Jake’s boss.

Bronstein was, until all this went down, editor-at-large at FHM, which featured Ostrosky on the cover three times and runs a sex column she pens each month.

Yet even after Bronstein’s apology to Howard’s girlfriend, Gramling (who “fought for him”) was forced to let him go. Which makes us sad, because FHM‘s fluffy masthead is our favorite part of their book.

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— Fri, Apr 8, 2005 —

Working at/for/in association with FHM automatically grants you an asshole pass. Witness:

Congratulations, Jake Bronstein. Your Road Rules stint has taken you as far as .. Times Square, and posing with the Naked Cowboy, for pope’s sake. This is going to make a terrible FOB piece, we just know it. (More nude unitard fun here.)

UPDATE: Bronstein offers up a “terrible FOB piece” on his website already. But we’re going to make you click to the jump as part of our “Fair Warning” policy against anything intentionally grotesque.


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