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Home & Garden Is Going The Way Of The Gnome

Folding isn???t just for napkins any more. Conde Nast has shut down House & Garden; December will be its last issue. Vogue Living will come out more often starting next year. Sadly, that won’t help women looking for decorating tips involving ordinary buttons. Full statement after the jump.

House & Garden magazine will cease publication with its December issue, it was announced today by Charles H. Townsend, President & CEO of Cond?? Nast Publications. The website,, will also be shut down.

“House & Garden has a long and venerable history within Cond?? Nast,” Mr. Townsend said. “This has been a difficult decision to come to but we feel it is one that must be made at this time. I would like to thank Dominique Browning and the entire staff for their award-winning efforts throughout the years. House and Garden’s intelligent and graceful editorial attracted a loyal readership. We were proud to publish it.

“With the unexpected departure of the publisher of the magazine, we decided to take a serious look and re-evaluate the title,” Mr. Townsend said. “Our investment in House & Garden throughout the years has been substantial and we no longer believe it is a viable business investment for the company.”

Cond?? Nast will continue to be a leading publisher in the home and lifestyle category with magazines including Architectural Digest, Domino, and Vogue Living (which will increase its frequency in 2008).

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