The Plot to Get Rid of Nina Garcia 38169

The Plot to Get Rid of Nina Garcia

Are the power-loving (but sometimes well-meaning) twosome running Elle looking to get rid of Nina Garcia? Yes, we’re hearing. Is it likely EIC Roberta Myers and creative director Joe Zee will? Of course not.

Two words: Project Runway.

“It is no secret they would like to have Nina Garcia go away,” says a source. “Unfortunately she is in TV show that has garnered the magazine many readers, advertising dollars, and also a lot of exposure for the fashion director they want out.”

So what are they to do? Find their own TV experience! “They have been shopping around for a show to replace hers and let others know they ALSO exist.”

Already they’ve reached out the produces of Ugly Betty to discuss cameo appearances for both of them. America’s Next Top Model producers were also at Elle recently, interviewing staffers about casting a new reality show about the magazine, where contestants compete to become … a fashion assistant. Take that, Nina-compoop.

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