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Conde Nast Screws More Than Just The House & Garden Staff
Guest Editor For The January Issue is Shit Out of Luck

Yesterday came news that House & Garden was closing again. With their website going down, this time, it’s presumably for good. While the decision was surely very disappointing for the photo staff, an unexpected causality of the kill was designer Murray Moss, who guest edited the January issue before it was announced that December would be the last one.

Moss still believes that the magazine might be resurrected, and told the Washington Post, ???House & Garden is a great brand. They might come back like Gucci or Prada or the Plaza or any other large brands that have gone through transformations or changes of ownership.”

Maybe when House & Garden comes back they???ll print Moss???s issue. And maybe then orphans in South Africa will call Oprah every time they realize they???re surrounded by life crippling poverty. And maybe then Santa Claus will deliver toys to all the little boys and girls. Then again, maybe not.

Nov 6, 2007 · Link · Repond

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