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Celebrities don???t get fat, they get pregnant

• Hey size 2 haters, turns out Jennifer Love Hewitt is with child, not with Big Macs.

• Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are holding hands, which means there???s no way he could have cheated on her.

• Whatever Posh Spice is paying the doctors, it???s not enough. On closer inspection, we found a small fault.

• Ashlee follows her sister???s footsteps of pretending to care about sports and goes to a Knicks game with Pete Wentz.

• A charity model based on a kid star from the 80s is working quite nicely for UNICEF.

• Teri Hatcher fights aging the only way she knows how: with more plastic surgery.

[Photo Credit: Splash]

Dec 17, 2007 · Link · Repond

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