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Alan Thicke’s Son (a.k.a. The Singer With The Freakishly High-Pitched Voice) Gets A Sneak Peak At Rihanna Without Her Rain Gear

• Rihanna gets photographed slinking around with rumored castrato Robin Thicke.

• Pictures of the first meeting between Dina Lohan and Lindsay’s new beau are, well, awkward to say the least. Riley looks damn uncomfortable, Lindsay looks preoccupied with the photogs and Dina looks focused on the task at hand: Convincing the waiter to slip a little pinch of champagne into her glass of orange juice.

• Is Amy Winehouse finally getting her life together? (Spoiler: No.)

• Julia Roberts pulls an Ashley Olsen, parks her suburban soccer-mom vehicle in a handicapped spot.

• Nice try, hot tub fornicator Vanessa Minnillo! But that fancy straw boater hat isn’t fooling anyone into thinking you’re a class-act.

Nov 21, 2007 · Link · Repond

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